A Guide to Studying in Norway

If you are considering going to study abroad in Europe then Norway might not be the first country which comes to mind but we highly recommend you consider this destination. Education in Norway is very professional, there are lots of universities and institutions to choose from. If you would like to study for a mba or masters in Norway then you are making a good decision. Universities in Norway are similar to those in Europe and North America and you will find teachers and other students very friendly. Most classes can be taken in English whilst there is also the option to book a Norwegian language course in Norway.

In Norway you’ll find a strong focus on rationality, reason and applying knowledge so that it makes a real difference. Classes will be similar to what you are used to and you will be graded A-F for all tests and submissions. At universities you will also be free to think creatively because of the informal and non-hierarchical nature of Norwegian society, where everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and opinions.


Popular Places to Study

There are universities located throughout the country but most international students choose to live in the three main cities:

The capital city of Norway is the most popular destination to study party due to three world class universities here. Oslo is a fun city to live with a young vibe, lots to do, various museums, cafes, parks, and festivals.

Bergen Norway's second largest city and a great place to study abroad. This city is very pretty, relaxed and probably most famous for the live music.

Tromso is a very small place to study but its peaceful surroundings make it an incredible place to live and learn. There are also lots of nightspots and parks. Most international students are drawn to Tromso due to the fantastic University of Tromso.

Other Places:

  • Trondheim
  • Stavanger, Rogaland
  • Drammen, Buskerud
  • Fredrikstad, Østfold
  • Kristiansand, Vest-Agder
  • Sandnes, Rogaland
  • Sarpsborg

Related Destinations:


Best Universities in Norway for International Students

  • University of Bergen
  • University College Bergen
  • Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Bergen
  • University College Oslo 
  • The Norwegian School of Management, Oslo 
  • University of Oslo
  • University of Tromso


Scholarships for Studying in Norway

We often get asked for recommendations for tuition free universities in Norway for international students hoping to visit. Please note Norway is an expensive country to study, every day things like food and accommodation are very high compared to other study abroad destinations.

Some organisations can help make the whole experience cheaper and easier though including:

  • American Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) - scholarships and grants are available to international students from the USA who would like to study in Scandinavia



Native Norwegians speak 3 languages - Bokmai, Nynorsk, and Sumi. Don't worry if these sound foreign to you though, most Norwegian people speak English to a high standard and universities which offer placements to international students usually have lessons in English. We do recommend you try to learn some local words and phrases, this will make the experience a lot more fun.


Norway Study Abroad Reviews

Please contact us if you would like to review your experiences of studying in Norway.


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