Work in Mexico

Turn your dream of living and working in Mexico into a reality. There is the option to apply with local companies or even seek a different route by working for an international company with a presence in Mexico.

Most paid jobs in Mexico for English speakers are found working in the tourism industry and we highly recommend learning Spanish to improve your chances of getting hired.

On our directory you can search paid jobs, find recruiters and get information on work permits, roles, tips for gaining employment and get everything you need to know about applying. 


Where to Seek Employment

You can apply for jobs throughout the country, these are generally the top destinations where more companies are based:


Popular Industries to Work

  • Administration
  • Au Pair & Nanny
  • Customer Service
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality & Hotel Industry
  • IT
  • Language/Multilingual
  • Online
  • Sales
  • Software Development
  • Teaching
  • Travel & Tourism


Visa & Requirements

To work legally in Mexico you will need to apply for a work permit with the Institute of Immigration (Instituto Nacional de Migración - INM).

Recently legislation in Mexico changed and you now need to have a job offer or a potential contract from a registered company. You can enter Mexico on a tourist visa and your recuiter will have to apply for the work permit with the INM, you are free to stay in the country until the outcome. Once accepted you will need to leave Mexico to have an interview with your Mexican consulate who then grants and provides you with a work permit.

When applying you and your sponsor company will be asked for lots of documents including passport, nationality, a list of other employees and their nationalities and the company tax payments. The decision is usually made within 4 weeks. Then one you return to Mexico you will need to register at the Institute of Immigration within 30 days of arrival.

If you are married your spouse will need to apply for a work permit independently, this is not given automatically like other countries. Once you have been successful in your application you can also apply for a residence visa.

Some people work in Mexico without work permits but this can be risky, and you will be thrown out of the country if caught. A lot of people find flexible part time jobs which offer cash in hand in hostels, hotels, bars and clubs.


Top Tips for Gaining Paid Employment in Mexico

  • Network, a lot of postions are from word of mouth and who you know rather than what you know
  • Book a Spanish language course in Mexico, knowing the local lingo will boost your chances
  • If you are lacking experience, view our Mexico volunteer programs or Mexico internships which are a great way to get your foot in the door of a company. A lot of placements lead to full time employment


International Recruitment Agencies in Mexico

There are lots of recruitment agencies in Mexico which help international staff gain employment in a wide range of industries. You can register online before entry or once you are in the country. You will usually be able to register your CV, search positions and also staff will contact you if you skills match an available role.

Agencies will require you to have a valid work permit or see you have experience so a company will want to hire you. Registering with a recruitment agency in Mexico is free, they either charge employers a fee or take a cut of your salary. Be very suspicious of any recruitment agency who asks you for an upfront fee, always research online before proceeding.


Flexible, Part Time & Holiday Jobs in Mexico

Some employers offer part time jobs in Mexico but most positions are found through international companies with offices or bases in Mexico. The most popular areas to work include in hotels, resorts, dive centers and teaching. These positions are popular during summer and with students.


Skilled & Professional Jobs in Mexico

Mexico is a difficult country to find a well paying job if you are a non-skilled worker but if you are a specialist in a specific field of work you will really enhance your job prospects. There is a need for skilled and experienced workers in industries like communication, engineering and technology. Finding jobs in some areas like construction can be tough though not impossible as local Mexican staff are usually given preference.

For more intermediate level jobs you will need formal qualifications like a degree. If you are looking for an executive, professional or management positions you might want to seek the help of a head-hunter. There are lots of head-hunting companies who help international staff get work throughout Mexico in skilled and senior roles. Please note you might need to pay a fee for head-heading services.


Freelancing & Self Employment 

There is nothing to stop you working freelance over the internet or even starting your own business once in Mexico. You will get to enjoy the local lifestyle and if you can get paid in other currencies you will enjoy a comfortable living standard.


Salary & Benefits

Working in Mexico might sound like a dream, but most seasonal-jobs-working-holidays are very demanding and working conditions might not be what you expect. Don't expect huge wages, this is a developing country and generally salaries are a lot lower than in Europe and the USA for example. What you get paid really depends on the position, company and your qualifications and experience.


How to Apply

There are lots of ways to gain employment in Mexico, our website features recruiters and positions available to apply for all year round. There is also the traditional job hunting route e.g. applying through an agency or online but there are also other ways like checking the classifieds in Mexican newspapers and expat magazines. You could also draw up a short list of companies and apply direct.


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