You can explore Australia for up to 12 months while taking on seasonal work to fund your living expenses and adventures. Most participants work in hospitality, retail, agriculture, and other short-term positions. You choose when you travel and when you want to work! 

If you’re a fairly independent spirit seeking some background support for your adventure abroad, this is the ideal program! You’ll make a ton of new friends and experience Australia more in-depth than a tourist. You’ll have in-country support to help you transition into Aussie life, and find work and long-term accommodation. 

Get started on your journey to Australia!


What You’ll Get: 

  • Airport shuttle service
  • Accommodation upon arrival (two or seven nights)
  • Optional week of social and travel activities (Welcome Week)
  • Orientation
  • Members’ job database
  • Job search guidance from in-county staff
  • Bank account pre-arranged
  • Pre-departure, in-country, and alumni resources


  • U.S. citizen between 18 and 30
  • High school diploma
  • Support funds of AUD $5,000 (Australian Immigration visa requirement)