Humanitarian, Hurricane & Disaster Relief Volunteering Abroad

Join humanitarian programs and help make a difference in countries affected by disasters, poverty and natural disasters. International volunteer organisations are involved with community developmentrelief primarily focussed in areas troubled by famine, war or poverty. See how you can apply to make a difference and help today.


Humanitarian, Hurricane & Disaster Relief Volunteer Programs

Guide to Helping Humanitarian Programs Around the World

Humanitarian Volunteering

Are you looking travel and make a difference? Have you ever watched the news and seen war and disaster situations and thought you would like to get involved? On our website we list a wide range of volunteering and work abroad programs where you can help on humanitarian programs in developing countries around the world.

As well as famine relief and crisis management, NGO's participate in community infrastructure projects aimed at encouraging sustainable development covering a wide range of activities including school building, promotion of renewable energy use, agriculture programes and digging wells. Volunteering on a humanitarian project can be extremely rewarding but requires commitment, hard work and a strong motivation to alleviate suffering and improve the lives of others.


Types of Positions

You could be helping in the humanitarian sector working on building / construction projects, helping care projects, and working on aid relief programs. Joining international development teams who bring care and relief in a medical capacitiy which help people and victims of humanitarian problems are very popular. Engineers, drivers and logistics / shipping coordinators are needed worldwide to enable NGO programmes. Doctors, Nurses and those with healthcare or medical skills can work for NGO's in hospitals / clinics and assist with community health initiatives. Similarly, qualified teachers can find volunteer opportunities teaching languages, literacy and promoting community health initiatives such as HIV prevention programs. Professional skills and corporate experience are also in demand as many projects require participants who can bring business management, volunteer coordination and micro-finance skills.

There are lots of organisations who are helping communities in places like Africa - political stability is always an issue in some countries in this continent and you can contact volunteer organisations to apply to help local people in this region. If you have previous healthcare experience you could volunteer on medical volunteering placements by joining international teams who provide medical outreach projects to communities and people in need. On these types of programs you might be delivering medical assistance or generally helping doctors and nurses working to improve health standards and work with ill / injured people. Sometimes you might be working with children and others at community drop in centres which help people who are sick, have infections, cuts, wounds or just need medical attention. These placements can be hard work but really rewarding as you will visably see the difference you make to peoples lives.

You could join education programs and help in local schools and centres which have been set up to educate local children and youngsters. In humanitarian situations schooling is usually not available but international volunteer aid organisations provide educations programs to help, you could be leading English lessons or just helping out with daily activities. These educational care programs are offered to any children to attend and provide much needed help and an escape for children who can play sports and learn in a fun environment.



In Africa and the Middle East there are lots of humanitarian programs with victims of war and displaced people. There are also lots of educational programs where you can teach English for example or educate youngsters in places like Israel and Palestine and aim to provide a better future for this troubled region. There are so many rewarding, challenging and worthwhile humanitarian programs you could work on, choosing a destination is important or you can get advice by contacting sending organisations. Whatever your motivation is to work on humanitarian programs you can make a difference.

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How to Apply

Placements can be arranged through sending agencies or directly via larger NGO's and charities and there are opportunities worldwide for skilled and unskilled volunteers. Given the long placement durations, level of commitment required and difficulties of working in the field, new volunteers are recommended to gain experience by arranging a short term placement. Which ever country you choose to volunteer in there are individuals and communities which need help and will appreciate your presence. Volunteering for the aid of others is an amazing thing to do and on our website you can find a role and job suitable for you. Browse our humanitarian projects abroad to set up a placement today.


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