Physiotherapy Placements Abroad

Tasks & What to Expect

Some countries in the developing world suffer from a lack of practitioners and this is where there is a need for international physiotherapist seeking to make a difference to apply and help outpatients and inpatients. If you apply for a physiotherapy placement you will be working to treat various different patients seeing and treating rare diseases. 

Leprosy is a big problem in some countries, you will work in a hospital or neurorehabilitation clinic helping local people who have this disease. Other things you might be treating include strokes, accident injuries, muscle spasm, musculoskeletal, post-operative rehabilitation, child cerebral and other palsies, lower back problems and fractures. Initiative and creativity is welcomed on these placements, you will be able to help local staff and also create / implement new programs designed to help local people. You might be dealing with patients who have a wide range of problems, this placement will be a challenge where you will learn a lot.


How to Apply

Most organisations which offer physiotherapy placements offer structed placements to students, graduates and professionals already working in this area. You might need to pay a fee to join, this generally includes placements, transfers, meals, accommodation, training and in-country support.



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