Tasks & What to Expect

On midwifery placements you will be working on a successful motherhood program reducing the chances of maternal mortality and helping to deliver babies in a safe environment. As a volunteer nurse you will be able to provide healthcare and help local doctors in departments like paediatrics, neonatal intensive care or leprosy rehabilitation.

Sometimes you might be working to treat communicable diseases, advanced pathologies, HIV, Aids, malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis and polio, tasks can include treating patients with fevers, dressing wounds, getting people ready for surgery or generally assisting local doctors and nurses. You will get lots of help and support from local staff and there will usually be other international participants taking part in the programs too. Local people will be very welcoming and there are even free language lessons available to help you communicate better. 


How to Apply

To join you will need to be adaptable and open to living / working in a new environment. You can search our featured nursing projects and apply today. Arranging a local nursing placement overseas can be extremely difficult due to the nature of work and we highly recommend applying with a recognised international company - we have some listed on our website which offer safe and structured placements. Most organisations charge a fee to participate which includes group placements, transport, training, acommodation, meals and in-country support. There are some free and low cost volunteer opportunities available with international charities but you will need to be a skilled professional. 



Professional, students and graduates are welcome to apply if you have relevant experience/education.


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