Midwifery Volunteering Work Abroad

Midwifery Volunteering Work Abroad

Looking to gain work experience in in midwifery? There are programs available in the developing world where you will get to work alongside doctors and help deliver babies or work on neonatal and intensive care. These placements are a great way to gain practical work experience where you will work and learn alongside local staff and other international volunteers. 


Midwife Volunteering Placements Overseas

Find midwifery volunteer projects, electives, gap years & internships overseas for students, graduates and professionals.

Midwifery Placements for Students and Graduates

Guide to Working as a Midwife Overseas

There are midwifery placements all around the world, most focus on developing countries where facilities can be basic. Midwifery programs are very satisfying when you see the positive impact you have on other people, they are also a great way to sample a new culture, way of life and working environment. Usually you will work at hospitals and clinics and roles/tasks can vary depending on experience. These electives can be challenging as standards and equipment is not the same as in the UK for example.


Midwife Volunteer Programs Abroad

‘Two other midwives and myself became very close as we were working with each other every day. There was so much to take in, with almost everything being different from what we were used to at home. You just have to accept what you see, some of which will be great, like the resourcefulness of staff, and some of which will be quite upsetting. Talking about this after work really helped me to process every day and take the experience as it came, a day at a time.’ - Ellenia


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