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Stoke Travel

We offer endless fun, unlimited booze and the best party travel experiences around Europe for open-minded internationals.

We’re the favourite choice for the backpacker on a budget, the student with some study abroad holidays to burn, the gap year gapper with a gap in their galavanting, the solo traveler looking for some soul mates or the group travel group. 

You could say travel parties and festivals around Europe are our jam. You can choose from the most affordable experiences at the world’s best and craziest festivals and destinations with an authentic feel, a flexible schedule and options to suit your budget.

Our trips include La Tomatina, Oktoberfest, surf camps, music festivals, city breaks and more. Get Stoked with Stoke Travel.


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Enter code ONEWORLD365 when booking on the Stoke Travel website to get free unlimited beer and sangria and a discount of €10 per day!


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Stoke Travel Reviews

Best Summer of my Life

Stoke Travel’s summer festival season was by and far the greatest summer of my life. I truly added to my tribe with the wonderful people who worked the events, and I’ll have experiences I won’t soon forget that some people would never dream of having.

By: Ryan Whitaker
Nationality: American
Age: 27


I honestly did not know what to expect out of Oktoberfest or stoke travel, but I went with an open mind. It was a last minute plan but I knew people that had booked with stoke travel before, and I do not regret my decision at all for choosing them! Stoke travel made my weekend one of the best study abroad memories! I plan to stay with them again when I return to Oktoberfest, and have recommended them to many friends :)

By: Jessica
Nationality: American
Age: 21

Patron turned Stokie

I found Stoke Travel when I was looking for accommodation during Oktoberfest. Stoke was the cheapest option AND included 2 hot meals per day. I got free unlimited beer and sangria for my 2 friends and me because I had was under 26 BUT use a code and it'll be free for your entire stay.
I had an amazing time, as did my friends. Not only were the Stokies (employees) full of hospitality but they were knowledgeable about Munich, Oktoberfest AND other festivals around Europe. The food was prepared by certified chefs and they even made separate meals for vegans/ vegetarians or if you had certain allergies/ restrictions. The constant party on the site was insane! The Stokies' goal was to make sure you had the best time and they went above and beyond. I had such an amazing time that I became a Stokie for Fruelingfest (Spring Oktoberfest) and the Wine Fight and Running of the Bulls in Spain, all of which were equally unforgettable. If you get the opportunity, you need to book with Stoke Travel

By: Katy
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 27

Online reviewer virgin!

Where do I begin... This is my first time reviewing anything online. Sooo... I guess that says something in itself. I tell people if I could relive one weekend of my life again it would be this one. Because if I could go back right now I would! Sooo why was this weekend so unforgettable..??? Well let’s just start with me falling asleep on the sidewalk in Milan. The bus was 2 hours late to pick us up and I feel asleep. Luckily my friend woke me up to load the bus or else I would of missed it. I went with a group of 8 girls who I had been traveling/studying abroad in Italy with. Once we got on the bus we all passed out and I woke up to a beautiful view of the Swiss alps! If I remember correctly.... Then once we were getting closer to the campsite we were woken up by staff. Once we arrived we were greeted with complimentary beer! I was so tired but also so stoked at the same time. Then while I was in line I ran into one of my high school friends! It was crazy and then found out two other friends of mine from high school were staying with stoke as well. A mixture of emotions were going through my head at the time. Excitement and absolute shock! After that we put our stuff in our own personal teepee we all shared! Werushed out and started drinking!!! People spun the wheel and I was starting to feel myself and started dancing until till I realized I wanted a drindl. So I drunkenly managed to take the bus into town with one of my friends to get the best drindls ever!!! (that I still wear for Oktoberfests here in the states!) After that then we go back to the site and continue eating and drinking! We woke up the next day we have breakfast and some brews and then headed to the actual Oktoberfest event! On our way there we become friends with other “stokies” and I eventually hangout with them for the remainder of the day and night. When I arrived to the event I wasn’t expecting it to be as big and as carnivally as it was. I absolutely loved it! So we all rushed to the tents and sang and stood on the tables and watched people chug their drinks! Eventually I started to hit it off with one of the other guys in the group we had become friends with. After a couple hours went by we both realized that we both seemed interested. Then he asked me to go on the Farris wheel with him. We then went on the Farris wheel together just the two us and we kissed at the top. My tipsy heart melted and felt like I was in a movie. After that we shared a chicken sandwhich and met up with the rest of the group. We then went on more rides and went back to the tents and drank more. once night turned into night we headed back to the sites to finish of the night with some bratwurst and more beer of course. I lost the guy I had hit off with but I was still so content just eating my bratwurst and listening to music and drinking until I was too tired and went back to my teepee and passed out in my sleeping bag. The next morning the girls and I started our mornings right with more beer and sangria! Later that day we went into town again! That night we all hung out had dinner and played games with other stokies! Then we loaded the bus after dinner and headed back to Italy ! I later found out that I had gotten ring worm from the sleeping bags. Still wouldn’t change anything for the world! Having to translate “ring worm” into Italian to the pharmacist was part of my stoked travel experience. I know I will attend another stoked travel experience!

By: a Cali girl
Nationality: American
Age: 23

Genuinely unlimited beer 🍺 🍺🍺

Great weekend at their campsite for Oktoberfest. The £10 per day for unlimited beer has no catch, the bar was wild, the staff are great fun just don’t expect any luxury.

By: Daniel john
Nationality: Welsh
Age: 30


We booked two trips through Stoke Travel whilst in Barcelona! First was the Champagne Boat Party which was one of our best nights! Dinner, unlimited beer/wines and great music and limbo! We also booked the chilled bbq boat on the Sunday which was a nice relaxing trip! Glad I came across stoke travel and booked these trips! Had a great time :)

By: Lindsey
Nationality: British
Age: 28

What a month!

Worked with Stoke Travel for a month during Oktoberfest in Germany and would recommend Stoke to anyone!

By: Ashleigh
Nationality: British
Age: 24

Time of my life

Booked stoke when I was in Ibiza! Met the best people and had the TIME OF MY LIFE! Thanks stoke for the memories!!

By: April
Nationality: American
Age: 26

La Tomatina & Ibiza

One of my girlfriends had heard about the La Tomatina festival and booked us in with Stoke. It was definitely and experience! Booze all day everyday and everyone we met were so friendly. There were a few hiccups but the staff pulled through. If i were to attend another event, I'd definitely look into Stoke again!

By: Primae
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27

Nothing but stoked

If you’re down for a good time with the best people, with unlimited free beer and sangria- you’ve come to the right place- STOKE TRAVEL!! I’ve done 4 tours with them, with the stoke passport, and all experiences have been nothing but amazing! They are the cheapest tours going around with the best value for your money! However the tour isn’t recommended for everyone, if you’re a bit of a princess- don’t go, this tour is for the hardcore travellers who would do anything for a good time. Thanks Stoke for the unreal memories, you’ll definitely see me again when I make it back to Europe. Xoxo

By: Kayla
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

Stoketoberfest is so much fun!

I stayed with Stoke Travel for Oktoberfest and had the best time of my life, no exaggeration. These people really know how to party! The camping wasn't anything luxurious, but by the time I was ready to pass out each night I could have cared less about the tent. The food was delicious, all the staff were awesome and super friendly, and the party was incredible! Amazing DJ's, live bands, fire twirlers, a stunt team, the whole show was unreal. There was even a secret bar I found the second night. To be honest, even if the camp wasn't bumping with thousands of travelers and great music every night, I still would have had a good time due to the unlimited beer and sangria, but the extra mile they go to throw a sick party was the icing on the cake. I would definitely stay with stoke again and would recommend everybody do the same!

By: Christian
Nationality: USA
Age: 25

Best Oktoberfest Weekend!!

My husband and I booked Stoke Travel for Oktoberfest in Germany and we weren’t sure what to expect !! We have been traveling for 2 months around Europe and this is one of the best times we have had so far. Stoke Travel knows how to set the perfect vibes for a good time and everyone was super friendly!! I would definitely go to another event put on by this company.

By: Kara
Nationality: American
Age: 28


Honestly the best time! Stoke travel was great

By: Hazel
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 20

The Best Beer-filled Weekend of my Life

A friend booked us in with Stoke for Oktoberfest as a birthday gift for me. As someone who doesn't drink beer, I was a bit hesitant. Anyway, off we went to Munich where we were greeted by giant smiling faces, beers and pretzels. After check in we were shown to our tent and then where the main area was. A weekend of drinking, dirndls, debauchery, glitter, shoe-eys and seeing mates - both new and old. The Stoke staff were incredible, they could answer every question we had, and were gentle when dragging me out of the crowd to do the Wheel of Misfortune. All around an absolutely EPIC weekend that I didn't want to ever end. I can't wait to do it again next year!

By: Leni
Nationality: Australian
Age: 28

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