Jobs in Argentina

Search and apply for jobs in Argentina. On our guide to working in Argentina for foreigners you can find more information about the types of jobs available, top advice how to gain employment and search recruiters who hire English speakers. 


Jobs for Foreigners & English Speakers in Argentina

Best Places to Work in Argentina

Work in Argentina


You are more likely to find work in the larger towns and cities including:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Córdoba
  • Rosario
  • Mendoza
  • San Miguel de Tucumán
  • La Plata
  • Mar del Plata
  • Salta
  • Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz
  • San Juan


Popular Industries to Work in Argentina

  • Advertising
  • Au Pair
  • Creative Arts/Media
  • Ecology/Conservation
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Marketing/PR
  • NGO/Non-Profit
  • Sales
  • Teaching
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism/Travel


Jobs for Backpackers in Argentina

One option which is popular with backpackers and travellers in Argentina is to work in exchange for food and accommodation. Lots of hostals and hotels offer these types of jobs throughout Argentina. Most posiitons are unpaid but usually you wil get free board and food whilst some places offer a stipend salary and other free benefits. You might like to read this article about working at the Rivera Hostal in Cordoba.


Acclimatising Tips When Working in Argentina

While working in Argentina, there are so many potential priorities vying for your time and attention. From the need to get to grips with the language to the necessity of learning the layout of your local area, there are so many things clamouring for your attention from the moment you move in. However, it is essential to ensure that you don’t get sucked in to thinking that acclimatisation is all work and no play. While it’s obviously important to get into the mind-set of your new job and surroundings as quickly as possible, taking the time to discover activities that are fun as well as relevant can be equally as important.

It’s natural to find working in a foreign country a stressful and complicated process that taxes you both physically and emotionally. Even if you don’t have a new language to familiarise yourself with, the people, customs, local geography and pace of life can all add up to make things seem a little bewildering at times. This is why it’s vital to get out there and do something that is fun as well as educational and helpful in letting you understand the local culture.

For example, in Argentina then one ideal method of combining culture with recreation would be to experiment with some tango. This sultry, vibrant form of dance is a national treasure and as such it is considered a cornerstone of Argentinian culture. Not only will learning the dance help you understand a little better what makes the Argentinians tick, but it’s also an incredibly energizing experience and a lot of fun to boot. Taking fun classes in your local area and learning dances like Argentine tango is also a great way to meet people and engage in an activity where there is no language barrier, only the rhythmic language of quick stepping feet and twirling bodies!

One of the great things about getting involved in national pastimes is that it gives you something fun to do that is also an excellent talking point. This can be essential in helping you make a good impression at work and in social contexts where you can tap into the psyche of local people and strike a rapport with them. Activities that are deeply imprinted in the national psyche often appeal to people of all ages and stages in life. Argentine tango classes are no exception as they are designed to be as inclusive as possible to appeal to anyone regardless of their physical fitness level.

So if you decide to work in Argentina, always make time to have fun. This can be as immersive as any number of language classes or workshops. Getting to see the locals doing what they love and joining in with them is a sure-fire way to ingratiate yourself with them and keep yourself grounded at the same time. 


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