Types of Internships in Barcelona

  • Administration, Business, Accounting, Finance
  • Arts, Advertising, Journalism, Marketing, Media, Photography, Publishing, PR, Sales
  • Architecture 
  • Biology, Medical & Healthcare, Veterinary 
  • Engineering 
  • Education, Social Work
  • Environmental 
  • Hotel & hospitality, human resources
  • IT, Creative, Graphic & Interior Design, Fashion 
  • Law & Human Rights 
  • Linguistics, Translation
  • Sports 
  • Sustainable Development, Tourism 


Eligibility / Requirements

You will usually need to be aged 18+ to apply. Knowing basic Spanish is beneficial. Students, graduates and anyone seeking to progress a career and gain work experience can apply.


How to Apply

Search our featured Spanish internship programs above and apply today.


Cost of Living

Cities like Barcelona can are be more expensive to live in than places like Alicante and Murcia, generally you can expect to have outgoing of around 500 Euros per month.

  • A one bedroom apartment in a city center costs around 400 - 600 Euros
  • 1 bottle of water us around 1 Euro
  • 1 way ticket on a bus or public transport costs around 1 Euro
  • A meal out can cost around 8 Euros


Barcelona Internship Reviews

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