Internships in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular countries to do an internship and there are so many different placements available available to join during summer and all year round. Find internships in Spain for English speakers and apply today.


Intern & Work Experience Placements in Spain

Guide to Interning in Spain

Spain Internships

Looking to gain experience? You should definitely think about applying for an internship in Spain. You’ll have a chance to meet new friends, learn about the Spanish culture, improve your Spanish, and add international experience to your CV. Search structured & paid summer & year round internships in Spain.


Top Reasons to Intern in Spain

  • A wide selection of local and international companies
  • Friendly locals and 
  • Sunny weather and a warm climate
  • Meet other international workers and business contacts
  • Improve your language skills (you could combine experiences and book a Spanish course in Spain)


Popular Places to Apply


Types of Placements

Choose from industries like:

  • Administration, Business, Accounting, Finance
  • Arts, Advertising, Journalism, Marketing, Media, Photography, Publishing, PR, Sales
  • Architecture 
  • Biology, Medical & Healthcare, Veterinary 
  • Engineering 
  • Education, Social Work
  • Environmental 
  • Hotel & hospitality, human resources
  • IT, Creative, Graphic & Interior Design, Fashion 
  • Law & Human Rights 
  • Linguistics, Translation
  • NGO & Charity
  • Sports 
  • Sustainable Development, Tourism 


Paid Internships in Spain

Looking to join a paid intern program in Spain? There are companies throughout Spain who offer paid internships to locals and also internationals. These placements can be very competative so you will need to put a stong application together. Also check eligibility and requirements before applying, some companies might need you to be fluent in Spanish or commit a certain amount of time. Some recruiters also might require you to pay an agency fee. 


Summer Internships in Spain

Would you like to spend your summer gaining work experience? Why not consider a summer intern program in Spain. There are placements throughout the country which are perfect if you are a student and looking to gain experience during your break from studies. These programs are very popular with UK and worldwide students so you will need to apply in advance to stand the best chance of securing a placement.



You will usually need to be aged 18+ to apply. Knowing basic Spanish is beneficial. Students, graduates and anyone seeking to progress a career and gain work experience can apply.


How to Apply

Search our featured Spanish internship programs above and apply today.


Cost of Living

Cities like Barcelona and Madrid are more expensive to live in than places like Alicante and Murcia, generally you can expect to have outgoing of around 500 Euros per month.

  • A one bedroom apartment in a city center costs around 400 - 600 Euros
  • 1 bottle of water us around 1 Euro
  • 1 way ticket on a bus or public transport costs around 1 Euro
  • A meal out can cost around 8 Euros


Spain Internship Reviews

Have you ever participated on an internship program in Spain? Would you like to review a company or an experience? Get in touch with us today.

"I liked the opportunity to do an internship in Valencia. It was an unforgettable experience and very helpful." Ellen D, France


Things to Do in Your Spare Time

One of the benefits of working here is you will get lots of free time in the evenings, weekends and when you have completed a placement. The following pages might appeal to you: