International Internship Programs in Chile

Placements are a great way to gain practical hands on experience in a different culture and perfect if you would like to take a gap year in Chile and spend it constructively.


Best Places to Find Internships in Chile

Where you go really depends on your area of interest and company. If you are planning to apply independently you should consider the following places:

  • Santiago
  • Pichilemu
  • Pucón
  • Valparaíso
  • Viña del Mar 
  • Puente Alto
  • Antofagasta
  • Viña del Mar
  • Valparaíso
  • Talcahuano
  • San Bernardo
  • Temuco
  • Iquique
  • Concepción


Types of Placements 

Internships are available with established local and international companies, where you can learn a lot hands on. There are various industries you can intern in which include:

  • Agriculture
  • Business & Finance
  • Biology
  • Conservation
  • NGO
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Law and Human Rights
  • Media and Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Veterinary
  • Eco tourism and sustainability


Human Rights Internships

There are specific placements where you can help remote indigenous tribes like the Mapuche supporting and helping preserve their culture in the face of modern society. This will provide a fascinating insight into their culture and you will learn why this tribe and many others need help in the face of rapid development and natural habitat loss. There are also other programs where you can help womens rights or work directly with women who suffer as a result of discrimination or abuse at specially set up shelters located throughout the country.


Application Tips

  • If you re struggling to secure a placement you might want to consider studying abroad in Chile - most educational instuitutions have links with recruiters.
  • If you only speak English you should either improve your language skills before departing or book a Spanish course in Chile


Chile Internship Reviews

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