Study Spanish in Chile

So you're thinking about studying Spanish in South America? Chile is one of our top recommendations.

Chilean people are very friendly, when they see you trying to speak or practise your Spanish they will be very open to speaking with you. This makes the experience of learning here so much easier compared to learning online or in your native country for example.

On our guide you can search recommended language schools, find the cheapest place to take a Spanish language course, read reviews and book a course.


Best Places to Study Spanish in Chile

Santiago, Chile

You can find language schools throughout the country in places like:

  • Santiago
  • Pichilemu
  • Pucón
  • Valparaíso
  • Viña del Mar 
  • Puente Alto
  • Antofagasta
  • Viña del Mar
  • Valparaíso
  • Talcahuano
  • San Bernardo
  • Temuco
  • Iquique
  • Concepción


What You Will Learn

You will learn to speak, communicate, write and read in Spanish. By the end of a course in Chile you will:

  • Have developed your ability in conversational Spanish to the point where you can converse on most subjects
  • Be able to express opinions and discuss the points of view of others
  • Have increased your level of accuracy in Spanish communication
  • Have a good understanding of advanced grammatical structures
  • Have extended your knowledge of Chile and the local culture



  • Class Sizes: Most language schools offer small classes with an average of 5-8 students. 
  • Age of Students: Usually students aged 18 - 35 participate but students from the ages 17 to 65 also attend schools throughout the year. Some schools accept families and children.



The price you pay usually depends on the course, school and duration. You will usually need to pay a registration fee which include:

  • Course material, welcome pack, orientation, city center walking tour, free wi-fi, free and low-cost activities, support services, 24/7 emergency line and a course certificate.

Discounts are applicable when classes are booked by more than one person. Some schools offer incentives live free lessons if you recommend friends or other people who sign up.


Need Help Booking a Course?

Going to learn Spanish abroad in Chile will be an unforgetable experience! If you need any help arranging a Spanish course in Chile please get in touch. 


Chile Spanish School/Course Reviews

If you have ever joined a Spanish course in Chile and would like to write about your experience, review a company or share any recommendations please contact us.


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