1. Choose The Right Destination

One of the easiest ways to avoid maleria is by not going to countries or areas which are affected. Or if you are going to a country with a problem with maleria check to see affected areas and either avoid these or take extra protection.



2. Visit Your GP Before Departing

In order to prescribe the right anti-malarial pills, your GP will need to know exactly where you are going, when, and any other medication you'll be taking while you're there. Side effects can occur with some pills so it's best to discuss your options first, and to allow a trial period to rule out any adverse effects. Most GPs advise to book an appointment at least 6 weeks before travel.



3. Take Medication

There are several maleria prevention tablets available 



4. Buy a Mosquito Net

A mosquito net might seem a bit of a hassle to buy and carry around, but you will find it will really improve your chances of not getting bitten. You can now even buy some nets which contain Permethrin, am insect repellent which adds extra protection.



Mosquito prevent maleria

5. Wear Long Clothing

Preventing getting bitten can be helped by covering up. Wearing long trousers, socks and long sleeves or a jumper will really help prevent mosquitos getting in contact with your skin. Even in warm destination you can still buy light clothing which can help.



6. Check Areas Around Water

Areas where water is present is likely to attract more mosquitos. This can be lakes, rivers, the ocean or even in kitchens and bathrooms. Be extra careful in these areas.



7. Use Repellant

There are lots of different repellents available to buy in most destinations which have different degrees of effectiveness. We recommended buying a repellant with at least 50% deet which is usually more expensive than normal repellent but is stronger and more effective. You can choose between sprays and gels and remember to wash your hands after applying and avoid contact with your mouth/eyes.



8. Book Accommodation Wisely

Check reviews and pictures of accommodation before booking a room, some will have better hygene standards than others. Some hostels and hotels also have nets over windows and doorways and provide mosquito nets as standard. Another simple tip is to keep doors and windows closed at night.



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