Top Things to Do on a Gap Year in India

India gap year

India is a fascinating country which can seem quite daunting when planning a trip. When first arriving into a bustling country it can be a shock to your system!

A popular option is to join a gap year program where you will enjoy a structure and safe journey meeting new friends along the way. You will get to visit world famous locations like the Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, Jaipur, Goa and also go off the beaten track. On our gap year travel packages you will get to learn more about the country, culture, people and see exotic animals. 

India is diverse in culture, people, landscapes and tradition, there are so many places to visit too, this is a huge country a really popular gap year destination. Travelling in this destination can be a challenge but also a really fun and culturally diverse experience where you will learn a lot about yourself and the country.

Expect to try lots of tasty food, viewing wildlife and spectacular scenery, seeing extreme poverty and shanty towns in contrast to huge modern cities and also meeting international backpackers from all over the world. 

On a gap year in India you can see some of most famous sights like the Taj Mahal, the Golden Triangle and also explore bustling cities like Delhi and Mumbai. We list programs for students, graduates, non-students and for career breaks - there are options for summer and all year round.

Depending on how much time you have its recommend to research options and make a list of the things which appeal to you. For example if you are seeking a cultural experience you might want to head North or for beaches go to the South.


Popular Gap Year Trips to India

Most gap year programs will require you to be aged 18+ to apply, there are some options for families and also 16 / 17 years olds though. When you apply you might be surprised to learn a fee might be involved to participate, the cost can vary depending on where you go, what you join and also how long you go for.

Experiences can be booked in advance through our website and joined most weeks of the year. In country help and support, being met at the airport by a staff member then dropped off to your accommodation, comprehensive orientation period, all transfers/ transport to project locations and overnight journeys, all accommodation and meals, assistance in setting up local support for the activities in coordination with the local staff and on site assistance and all materials for the activities.

Where you go really depends on if you join a structured program or if you apply independently. Accommodation can involve living with a host family on a cultural exchange programme, this is a brilliant way of enjoying the local culture, while improving your language skills and learning more about local people. There are also shared accommodation with other participants and also a wide range of budget/high end hotels and hostels.

"I went to India for 3 months traveling from the North to South which was amazing. I heard some horror stories about India before arriving but everyone was very friendly and I didn't even get sick. Goa and the beaches on the south coast was the highlight" - Emily, UK