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Looking to discover Asia? By booking a tour you will be guided to the very best places in the continent, whether you are interested in culture, cities, beaches, islands or you just want to travel overland and discover multiple countries our tours will appeal to you. Search tours in Asia.


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Asia Tours

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You can join most tours and trips every month of the year. We list budget and cheap tours in Asia alongside luxury and more expensive options. There are well beaten popular routes you can travel in Asia, one option travels through South-East Asia starting in Thailand and going on to visit Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in a loop. If you are looking to get off the beaten track there are lots of countries you can visit depending on how adventurous you are, these include Myanmar, Tibet and Nepal.

Some countries like India and China are geographically huge, you can spend over a year exploring and still not see everything. Popular tours include joining a hill tribe trek, visiting stunning ancient temples, walking around modern cities, climbing the great wall or chilling out on the stunning islands. It is advised to register your interest for tours in Asia as soon as possible as this is a popular region of the world to travel in and spaces can fill up quick, especially during peak times especially like summer holidays and Christmas and New Year. 

There are so many amazing tours available which allow you to see more of this incredible continent. There are cheap tours perfect if you are looking to travel on a budget but also more expensive luxury trips available to book all year round. 



Asia Tour Highlights

  • Seeing more places than your average tourist from big cities to rural communities
  • Wandering around ancient cities like Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Siem Riep, Delhi, Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Tasting the incredible local cuisine eating at locally run cafes and restaurant
  • Visiting temples like Angkor Wat in Cambodia which is one of the best in the world
  • Seeing cultural sights, learn more about the countries you visit and interact with local people 
  • Experience stunning landscapes and scenery 
  • Exploring Ha Long Bay



Small Group Tours in Asia

Asia Small Group Tours

The most popular option for exploring Asia is to join a small group tour usually in a group of around 8 - 15 people. Thousands of people join these types of tours every year and they are highly recommended. You can find a wide selection of small group adventure tours in Asia, where you go and what you do really comes down to personal preference. Search budget, backpacking, overland, sailing and adventure small group tours and explore this incredible continent soon.



Asia Tours for Solo Travellers

Our tours are perfect if you are travelling solo and would like to meet other people and travel in a group. You will get to meet other international travellers and get taken to the best locations in the country with an experienced guide.



Asia Budget Tours

We have a selection of tours for all budgets, so whether you are looking to explore on the cheap or you have a bit more money to spend you will be able to find a trip to match your interests. Our website features lots of cheap tours of Asia allowing you to discover the highlights of the country and not break the bank.



Asia Tours for 18 - 39's

Most of our tours specifically cater for the 18-39 age group and are a really popular option due to meeting other people, getting day-to-day activities, hotel check-ins, selected meals, accommodation and also transport/guides included in the price. Don't worry if you are slightly older, most tours accept all ages.



Asia Wildlife Tours

Asia Wildlife Tours 

One of the most popular reasons to vist Asia is to see exotic wildlife. These trips are incredible! You will get to see exotic wild animals like elephants and orangutans and get photos and memories to last a memory.



Asia Family Tours 

Looking to explore Asia with your family? Our website features specialist tours specifically for families. You will get a safe and structured authentic experience and also get lots of free time to enjoy the expeirence with your family.



Asia Small Group Adventure Tours


Usually travellers of the same sex will share a twin room, but there is also the option to pay a little extra and get a private room. Accommodation can vary depending on the tour and location.



Group Sizes

Typical group sizes are around 10-18 travellers with an average of 12 but this can vary between the tour and operator.




On most Asia tours you will travel overland in a private small tour van. For day trips and excursions sometimes you will use public transport and sometimes use internal flights to allow you to see the highlights as quick as possible.




Asia Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours in Asia

Experience traveling through the Asian continent on active cycling overland adventure trips. There are cycling tours in most countries or trips where you can visit multiple destinations. You will visit and cycle through some of the best locations Asia has to offer. If you have always wanted to visit Asia and do more than just sightseeing then these trips are for you. There will be an experienced tour guide and support vehicle to help, this will be an adventure you will not forget. Group size are usually around 8 - 18 people and accommodation can be hotels, hostels, camping and guesthouses for the duration of the trip. You will need to be aged 16+ and in good physical shape to join, you can bring your own bike or hire one.



Central Asia Tours

Looking to visit Central Asia? Adventure tour specialist Oasis Overland offer a trip which begins with a 15-day loop around Kyrgyzstan, an outdoor-lover’s dream.  There are trekking options in the stunning mountain scenery with rugged snow capped peaks and alpine forest not Eastern Europe. Kyrgyzstan is camping country, and we do some bush camps in stunning, remote locations, giving us the opportunity to fully embrace its natural beauty.  We also spend a night in a traditional yurt, enjoying the company of some local nomads whose ways of life have remained relatively unchanged for centuries.

Upon leaving Kyrgyzstan we enter Kazakhstan, an enormous but relatively unknown country wedged between Russia and Central Asia. Here we visit the Aksu-Dzhabagly Nature Reserve with more fantastic outdoor options. Next up is Uzbekistan and the first of a series of incredible historic cities that are still fairly untouched by mass tourism.  First off is Tashkent, the capital and historically a crucial point in ‘The Great Game’, a sort-of 19th Century Cold War fought between Russia and Britain.  Next up, in quick succession, come Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, each former city states with their own idiosyncratic traditions and cultures, and characterised by their unique and imposing architecture.  Over the years that have been independent, flirted with by the British and Russians, part of the Soviet Union and now they are enjoying a new lease of life as high points along the Silk Road as part of present-day Uzbekistan.

Heading south, we enter Turkmenistan, another former Soviet state and host to one of the most baffling governments in the world, built around the personality cult the late President Niyazov, or ‘Turkmenbashi’ as he was known, meaning ‘Leader of the Turkmen’.  Turkmenistan is still a fairly closed-off country, but it is slowly opening to tourism and its sparse desert landscape hosts one of the most curious and spectacular sights to be found anywhere, the Darvaze Gas Crater, an enormous gas filed mistakenly set alight in 1971 that has been on fire ever since.  

As it darkens it lights glows deep reds and oranges, earning it the moniker ‘The Door to Hell’.  We camp nearby the crater and visit it for some photo opportunities unlike any other.  Next up we stop in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan’s curious city of marble, with bizarre architecture  and wide boulevards, it’s quite unlike any other city in the world.  Explore its streets and meet some of the locals, only to be surprised at their warmth and generosity despite the arid geography and baffling politics.

After Turkmenistan comes Iran, where we get the chance to following in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and visit Persepolis, the ancient capital of the once mighty Archemenid Empire, and take in the beautiful Islamic architecture of its vast central Imam Square and mosques and palaces.  This is a city few tourists visit, so you’ll be treated as curiosity and greeted with smiles and invitations to join them for tea. Driving through the varied landscape of Iran and via Tehran and Tabriz we cross the border and explore the little-visited towns and cities of eastern Turkey.  On to Cappadoccia and its underground cities and the Gorome valley before heading south and reaching the coast of the Mediterranean – our first glimpse of the sea on this overland expedition.  Following the turquoise coast and some chilled out beach time we reach Istanbul, where they say east meets west, but on this trip and given all we’ve seen, we know that’s not really true.



Borneo Small Group Tours

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