6 Simple Ways to Stay Comfortable When Flying

6 Simple Ways to Stay Comfortable When Flying

Most people get anxious at the thought of flying but I am the exact opposite. Just being in the airport gives me a sense of relief that I can’t get really anywhere else. Being on a plane thousands of feet in the air relaxes me. I haven’t always been this way though. Before I got the hang of flying I was like most people and had a pit in my stomach until I landed. After years of flying experience I have put together top tips to help you be as relaxed as possible on a long flight. Hopefully these tips help you stay extra comfortable on your next trip!


1. Pick your seat before hand

This is one of the most important things you can do. Not knowing where you’re going to be sitting can be nerve racking so pre-picking your seat helps ease your nerves a little. If you are someone that uses the bathroom often during a flight, try for an aisle seat so you don’t have to worry about asking people to move throughout the flight. If you plan to sleep during the ride or don’t get up to use the bathroom or move around very often opt for the window seat. This way you won’t be disturbed during the flight. Also, the window seat gives you extra support to lean your head against while taking a nap. Knowing where you will be sitting before getting on the plane can ease your anxiety a bit. 


2. Dress comfortably

People want to look fashionable when at the airport but that doesn’t mean you have to throw on your tightest pair of jeans and most uncomfortable shoes. A great go-to for women is leggings or maxi skirts/dresses. Both of these things can be dressed up while still giving you the extra comfort you need to relax on the plane. They are easy to move around in and won’t suffocate your legs while sitting for long periods. If you’re more of a jeans person, opt for a pair of jeggings or a pair of jeans that lets you move around.

Your favorite pair of jeans may be stylish but if they are skin-tight you aren’t going to be comfortable on a flight overseas. The temperature on planes can vary causing you to be sweating one minute and then shivering the next. Try wearing something that you can easily take on and off like a cardigan or a zip up sweatshirt. Cardigans are great for traveling because they can also double as a blanket. Since they are easy to take on and off you won’t have to worry about bumping into your neighbor every time you want to change.


3. Get snacks and drinks before getting on the plane

If you can, bring your favorite plane snacks from home since it will most likely cost a fortune to buy them in the airport. This way you have your own stash of snacks for the flight and don’t have to wait for the food cart that only has a limited number of choices and small portion sizes. Also, once you get past security buy yourself your preferred drink whether that is a water, soda, juice, etc. Another great thing to do is bring an empty water bottle with you so you can fill it up at water fountains around your terminal. Just like the snacks, this way you don’t have to wait to be served after take off.


4. Be prepared if you get motion sick

Motion sickness can be a big reason that people don’t want to fly but if you know how to handle it you can travel like a pro. Make sure you have enough motion sickness pills before getting to the airport. Taking this before flying and then throughout the flight as the instructions suggest can be a lifesaver. Find snacks that help relax your stomach that you can eat if you start to feel sick. What works best for me is Ritz crackers and ginger ale but find the combination that works for you.

Once you find what works always have those things with you while you’re flying. Lastly, be prepared incase you do have to get sick. This means making sure you bring your own motion sickness bags as well because those bags in the seat back pocket aren’t always reliable. Medical supply stores sell these blue bags that hospitals and doctors offices give out to patients that are sick and those are perfect for the plane. If you get motion sick they are definitely worth buying.


5. Bring things that you like to do

If you don’t plan on sleeping during your flight bring things with you to keep you busy. To make yourself more comfortable bring things that you would do at home so you stay in your same routine. This can be anything from a book, to music, to watching a movie. Having things that keep you busy can help pass the time and keep your stress level down by keeping your mind busy.


6. Invest in a good travel pillow

Almost everyone can agree that unless you’re in first class, plane seats are very uncomfortable. You never have enough leg room, the seat doesn’t recline like you would like it to, and you are squeezed in a small seat that gives you little to no room to move around. There are very few things you can do to help with this but one thing you can do is invest in a good travel pillow. I have a travel pillow that I bring with me on every flight I take and it has been a lifesaver. If I want to sleep it is perfect for resting my head against but if I am awake I put in behind my lower back for better support. Whichever way you choose to use your pillow, make sure it is a good one that will last because once you start using one, you’ll never stop.


Remember these tips on your next long flight and you should be traveling like a pro whether you are flying to Italy, Australia, or Brazil.


By Taylor D'Eramo


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