What Are Round The World Tickets

Round the world tickets are multiple flights where you can travel and see a number of countries around the world. Where you go and how long you stay for is up to you. You can choose a classic route or make your own trip - the world really is your oyster. You can book a solo round the world ticket, or go with friends, a partner or your family.


Why Buy a Round the World Flight?

  • See the World
  • Experience new culture and countries
  • Meet new people
  • Change your life
  • Money isn't everything, enjoy life while you have your health
  • Save money - rtw flights are cheaper than buying individual tickets


Price of Round The World Tickets

The prices of round the world tickets differ depending on the destination you are visiting, how long you stay for and whether you buy a fixed or flexible option. There really are hundreds of options and sometimes the cost can increase if you venture off the beaten track, for example visiting South Africa or South America. Generally Round The World Tickets start from around £850 but this really depends on a few factors. There are cheaper tickets available starting at around £450 but this will not be very flexible and only have limited stops, you also have to remember tax and vat is usually added on top which makes it expensive. The price of the a Round The World ticket is usually quite cheap but when you add tax onto this the price skyrockets up.


Where To Visit On A Round The World Trip

This is really entirely up to you, there are so many countries you can visit on the RTW ticket and each country and region offers something different. In Asia you can expect good value for more, tasty food and lots of history and culture and we highly recommend visiting on a round the world trip, especially as some of the cheapest routes include flights into Bangkok. Most people tend to include Australia, New Zealand and Fiji in their tickets as due to the remote location of these countries single or return flights can be very expensive.


Top Tips

We recommend buying a flexible ticket so you can make changes to airports and dates as you travel - this will make your trip more flexible as you might want to stay somewhere longer or shorter than expected. Be sure to read the small print before purchasing though as some tickets will require you to pay a fee to make changes.

Also don't be afraid to book a entry point to one location in a country and then out of another, for example fly into Perth in Western Australia and then out of Sydney on the East coast. This can make the whole travelling experience enjoyable as you can be flexible, travel overland on a tour and then experience the highlights of the country without having to make your way back to your original entry point.


Sample Round The World Itineraries

One of the cheapest options and also most popular Round The World Trips is:

  • London > Bangkok > Sydney > LA > London

This is perfect if it is your first experience travelling or you just want to stick to a well beaten track where there will be lots of other international tourists.

Other recommended routes include:

  • London > Thailand > Australia > New Zealand > Fiji > LA > NYC > London
  • London > South Africa > Thailand > Perth > Auckland > San Francisco > London
  • London > Rio de Janeiro > Lima > Sydney > Bangkok > London
  • New York > Dubai > Bangkok > Hong Kong > Singapore > New York
  • LA > Auckland > Sydney > Singapore > London > LA


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Help & Advice

Have any questions or need any help or advice? Or if you have been on a round the world trip and would like to share your experiences? Please contact us