Travel Writer Alicia Weaver


  • Nationality: Canadian & American
  • Favourite Destination: Paleokastritsa, Greece
  • Country You Most Want to Visit: Italy 
  • Dream Trip: Ireland, Scotland, Iceland
  • Best Travel Moment: I was staying at a small apartment in Sami, Kefalonia Island, Greece. I had walked a few kilometers to see the Drogarati Caves. While walking back, I saw a girl and her father were riding mopeds. She only spoke Greek and I know very little, but she gestured that she would give me a ride. I hopped on and whipped through the beautiful countryside on the back of a kind stranger. Once we made it back to Sami, she let me off, waved and I managed to say a quick “efkaristo.” That little act of kindness from a stranger made my trip.
  • Role: Article writer and language/teaching abroad specialist







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