Cookery Courses

Top Reasons to Book

A cookery course overseas is a great way improve your skills, experience a different culture, meet new people and improve skills. There are full time and part time classes available for singles, couples and friends during summer and throughout the year. You will leave a course with new knowledge and inspiration.


Popular Destinations

You can find cooking holidays throughout the world, popular destinations include France, Greece, Spain, Italy and the UK. International Cooking vacations in Europe are very popular with US students whilst if you are seeking a totally different cultural experience consider going to take a cookery couse in Asia, more and more schools are opening in countries like China, India, Thailand and Vietnam. Other worldwide destinations to think about include Turkey, Mexico and Peru.


Why You May Want to Attend Culinary School Abroad

Going to study culinary arts abroad will appeal to anyone who has a passion for food and would like to improve skills in the kitchen. Enrolling in any culinary arts program is a fantastic way to learn from skilled professionals, meet new people, pick up new techniques and potentially boost a career.


Types of Culinary School Abroad Programs

There are so many different culinary schools worldwide, and where you go really depends on your interests. You might be tempted by a Italian cooking course in Italy, study food in France or head to a worldclass city like London where there are lots of international courses available. If you are serious about improving your cooking skills, or dream of becoming a world class chef then a culinary school experience abroad is highly recommended.



There are cheap cookery courses available for short term durations but for some long term courses, especially in world famous destinations like Paris, courses can be very expensive. Financing a culinary program can be an issue but if you are a student then there are some grants, financial aid and loans available to some people. You might also want to consider shorter term options for example a summer cooking course abroad or a cheaper destination. Group courses will be cheaper than one-on-one courses. If you are short on time there are also taster day sessions available worldwide.



Most short-term courses do not require any previous experience but for more structured or respected schools they might require experience or previous work experience before enrolling. If you are planning to study abroad in a country where English isn't the first language then you might want to consider booking a language program abroad. This will help with itegration but please note most courses are run in English. You should research all programs before departing.