The wine course is an extraordinary opportunity to discover, enjoy and learn about all of the different aspects and subtleties of Italian wine and food. 

The programme consists of 2 parts. The theory part will introduce students to the art of cultivating vines, methods and preservation of the best wines. 

On the other hand, the practical part consists of tastings to get to know and to recognize wines from different Italian regions: 24 quality wines will be presented and tasted!!!


Italian Cuisine - Culinary Arts for Amateurs and Professionals

The course is based one meeting of approx. 3 hours a week and shaped for all potential participants, also for the novice who is interested in learning about cooking.

During each lesson the students prepare and cook a different complete menu which consists of typical dishes of Italian cuisine in the tradition of genuine simplicity. At the beginning of each lesson the teacher explains the menu of the day and distributes the work. During the preparation and the cooking of the food, the teacher demonstrates, explains and gives valuable hints and tips. The students prepare the table and dine together. Each student or pair of students presents and serves to the others the dish they have prepared.

This course is organized in such a way that the students can experience with their own hands the way of cooking in the Italian style. Participants receive a recipe book including a vocabulary in several languages.

In addition to our Culinary Arts for Amateurs, our schools offer special cooking courses for professionals. In Rome, we collaborate with one of the biggest names of Italian and International cuisine, the "Gambero Rosso" culinary arts school. Every month, the school organizes stages and special programme courses which treat specific subjects like: culinary tradition of Val Pusteria, the Traditional Roman cuisine, menus for special holidays, etc..


Wine Course

During the course there will also be the opportunity to visit a renowned winebar. For a better understanding, tables, maps and other visual support materials will be used. Topics such as how to match wine and food together, and comparing Italian wines to foreign wines, will be dealt with.

The topics dealt with by the course are:

  • how to read the label of a bottle of Italian wine;
  • the classification of Italian wines (house wine or origin label, D.O.C and D.O.C.G.);
  • the traditional techniques of cultivation, fermentation and ageing used in Italy;
  • wine tasting and terminology
  • wine production in Italy and its consumption;
  • new developments and non traditional wines;
  • Tuscan production, the North-West (Piemonte), the North-East (Friuli, South-Tirol, and other regions, particularly in the centre and in the South).



  • Duration: 2 to 4 weeks
  • Level: all ability levels
  • Lessons: 1 meeting of 3 hours per week; 2 in 2 weeks or 4 in 4 weeks
  • Prices: 1 meeting of 3 hours: €105