They are fast-paced and are addressed to students who want immediate improvement to all their language skills and see learning Greek as great fun! 

Due to their compact design, these courses also provide useful information about the Greek History and Culture so that students who attend lessons for only 1 or 2 weeks can also have an overall view of the cultural elements included in the Greek language. Lessons are held for 3 hours a day with only short breaks in between. We value that students need after-school time, so by reducing the time of intervals, we actually increase time in class.



For specific courses and prices see the table below(tuition fees only - extra activities cost not included):

Level Duration Amount of hours/week Cost/week

  • Beginners 1-4 weeks 15 hours (3×5/week) 250 €
  • Elementary 1-4 weeks 15 hours (3×5/week) 280 €
  • Intermediate 1-4 weeks 15 hours (3×5/week) 300 €
  • Advanced 1-4 weeks 15 hours (3×5/week) 350 €
  • Proficiency 1-4 weeks 15 hours (3×5/week) 400 €
  • Individual (Beginners-Intermediate) 1-4 weeks Varying 20 € /hour
  • Individual (Adnanced-Proficiency) 1-4 weeks Varying 25 € / hour


Extra Cultural Activities

Just because we like our students to have choices, there is also availability of extra-cultural activities, which can be nicely combined with our intensive programmes. These are optional and can be added to the curriculum at an extra cost.

You can choose: 

  • A walk around the old city (teacher as tour guide)
  • Cooking lessons
  • Private tours to exclusive places of interest
  • Tasting local dishes and understanding about Cretan cuisine
  • Visit to olive-oil factory
  • Folk dance lessons
  • Seminars on History, Culture and Arts

Please check for updates of this list or ask us if there are new activities offered. Prices for extra cultural activities can vary that’s why we suggest you contact us directly and inquire specific information about their cost.