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Our vision is to preserve world’s last remaining wild places and highlight their impact on the health of the individual, society and biodiversity.

Dedicated to preserving the last of the world’s wild places, the Wilderness Foundation UK nurtures understanding of the value of wilderness to the health of the individual, society and the planet.

For over 30 years, the Wilderness Foundation UK has been connecting people with wild places through its pioneering programme of initiatives, including wilderness trails and social projects in the UK, Europe and Africa.

Every year, we help individuals and groups experience the irreplaceable quality of wilderness as a positive force for social and environmental sustainability. They benefit from nature’s significant contribution to the discovery of identity, perspective as well as leadership training and development.

In addition to the trails and social projects, the Wilderness Foundation UK continues to research the positive impact of wilderness working in partnership to create an international network for wilderness advocacy and protection.

Here are just some of the highlights of the Foundation’s activity

Education and Leadership

Direct experience of nature rekindles deep connections with the natural world inspiring incredible journeys of self development. WFUK’s personalised wilderness trails transform lives from school and community groups to corporate and political leaders.

Health and Wellbeing, Peace and Reconciliation

The wilderness experience is a powerful tool for social and individual change. WFUK works with vulnerable young people, victims of conflict and communities facing health and social challenges across Europe and Africa. We cross religious and political divides and bring people together in wilderness where a sense of nature, common humanity, understanding and existence come to the fore.

Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy is a positive experience where individuals develop through their contact with nature and adventure. A range of experiential therapeutic programmes take place in natural, wild, or remote outdoor settings.

These programmes provide either counselling, psychotherapy, or therapeutic facilitation, but always offer an authentic connection with nature evoking personal change through increased self-awareness, interdependence, recovery, and personal growth.

Nature Needs Half TM

Our global vision to protect and interconnect at least half of the planet, land and water, to support life on earth. The goal of achieving the target will require long term strategies with restoration efforts. The Foundation, in partnership with our sister organisation in the United States is committed to saving the last of the world’s wild places. Nature Needs Half TM will continue to be our underlying campaign in to the future.

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