Thailand Full Moon Party Dates 2022 & 2023

Thailand Full Moon Party Dates 2022 & 2023

Would you like to experience a world famous party like no other? Plan a break to Koh Phangan and coincide the trip with the epic Full Moon Party. This incredible party is held every month and is something you must participate in once in your life.

Check dates and book the mots amazing time of your life!



Monday, 17 January 

Thursday, 17 February

Thursday, 17 March

Saturday, 16 April

Monday, 16 May

Tuesday, 14 June

Friday, 15 July

Saturday, 13 August

Saturday, 10 September

Tuesday,11 October

Tuesday, 8 November

Thursday, 8 December



Friday, 6 January

Sunday, 5 February

Tuesday, 7 March

Friday, 7 April

Friday, 5 May

Sunday, 4 June

Sunday, 2 July

Thursday, 3 August

Friday, 29 September

Monday, 30 October 

Monday, 27 November

Wednesday, 27 December


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