The Ark

The Ark was founded in 1997 and formed primarily to alleviate the suffering of stray and abandoned animals on the island of Corfu.

The Ark is a registered charity and is administered by an elected board of trustees who are responsible for the various functions necessary to ensure the smooth running of the organization. 



The main purpose of the organisation is a "catch, neuter, and release programme" for the many stray and abandoned dogs and cats in Corfu. By implementing such a programme we hope to reduce, or at least contain, the ever-growing population of stray animals.

Most of these animals come to us as a result of strays being allowed to breed on the streets unchecked or because their owners have simply dumped them. Once caught they are sterilized and treated for parasites, fleas, ticks, worms etc. A record is kept of each animal we treat.

We try our best to re-home these unfortunate animals but it is virtually impossible due to the large number of cats and dogs on the island already looking for homes. With great reluctance we have to return many of them back onto the streets from whence they came. This is very frustrating, as experience has taught us that a number of them will be destined to suffer injury or even die from being poisoned.


How You Can Help

For those people living in Corfu, we need your help in the following areas:

  • Transporting sick and injured animals.
  • Donations of dog leads, collars, blankets, etc.
  • Distribution of dog food to stray dogs. (We are looking for people who live in the north and south of the island. The task will entail collection of food from a central point in Corfu Town and then distributing it to our volunteer feeders. As we cannot reimburse petrol expenses perhaps this could be linked in to a trip into town?)

If you live outside Greece we still need your help:

  • Maybe you belong to a dog-training club and could organise a collection on our behalf?
  • You could consider having a boot or tabletop sale and donating the proceeds to the Ark.
  • Why not become a member and encourage friends, colleagues and relatives to do the same?

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