"Hop" off the bus anywhere at anytime, to stay longer, visit friends or even work for a while. Then "hop" back on again. It is that easy! The buses run regularly (check the timetable) and all passes are valid for 12 months from your first day of travel.

If you are short on time, you don't have to ever "hop off" - you can also use your Stray bus pass like a tour and complete the itinerary in its "Minimum Days". With this you will still enjoy outstanding locations and unique attractions around New Zealand, and we have included some non-travel days to break up your journey and allow your driver-guide to rest.

Stray is NOT an A to B bus service! We make stops along the way to show you amazing things, like a beautiful waterfall, short scenic walk, local food tasting or breathtaking view!

All passes are guided. Your Stray driver-guide is a valuable source of kiwi knowledge and can book any activities and accommodation for you. You are also welcome to be independent and do your own thing!


What's included?

  • Bus transport around New Zealand
  • The flexibility to hop on/off in any location en route
  • Driver-guide - with invaluable local knowledge, entertaining commentary and the ability to book accommodation and activities on your behalf
  • First night accommodation guarantee
  • Pick-ups and drop-offs to Stray-preferred accommodation venues
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded travellers (and if you want a change of group, then just hop-off and catch up with the next bus that comes along!)
  • Special discounts and deals on activities


What's not included?

  • Cost of your accommodation and activities. These can be booked via your driver-guide, often at an exclusive Stray special price!