No camaraderie is as strong, breaks as many barriers, destroys whatever divides there are between older drunken German folk and young travellers, as that of delicious beer. Welcome to the rainbow of the human condition at Oktoberfest, amplified by ridiculous rides, dancing on tables, glugging steins and great friendship. Get yourself ready for a party like no other, Oktoberfest – it’s going to be golden!

Stoketoberfest is Stoke's own festival within a festival making Oktoberfest their own. Inside our beer soaked campsite you’ll find your pre-erected tent waiting for you, a mattress and sleeping bag so you’re all snug at night, our chefs will be serving up tasty breakfasts & dinners each day to keep your stomachs happy, carnivalesque celebrations, DJs, live bands, live radio shows and an open bar with unlimited beer and sangria for an extra €10 per day.

We are the biggest Oktoberfest tour operators, each year we entertaining up to 8000 international guests. So, join in the beer train and come and make friends with the coolest folk in Europe. Party with Stoke Travel and see why people choose to Oktoberfest here year after year. We put the Be-Here in beer, the Ale-Mania in Alemania, and the Many-Germs in Germany.

We look forward to meeting you.