After a volcanic eruption in 2021 we are ready to start 6 months Climate Activism teams in February, August and November 2022.

The teams will do a special project in the area of “getting ready for climate change” by taking action to protect against storm surges and sea level rise. 

The project has great potential to teach about the importance of man and nature protecting our valuable biodiversity to the Vincentian Public by the involvement of several groups and individuals.

Some of the program elements to be carried out by these Teams are:

  • Reconstruct and restart the RVA Nursery with mangroves and other coastal trees.
  • Recover and develop the Richmond Coastal Conservation Area.
  • Work with six community groups planting mangroves in neighboring villages.

The project is connected to 12 other Caribbean NGO’s, which are also restoring mangroves across the Caribbean from Trinidad and Tobago to The Bahamas and Jamaica. There will be conservation conferences among all participating projects and lots of learning and resource sharing. 

There will be special focus on marine conservation and the team will have a mix of Vincentian students and Internationals. Besides the focus on the climate studies, everyone will get an Open Water Certificate and a number of dives to do mapping, research on corals and other marine life - as a foundation for new teams coming after.

The first month of the 6 months program you will learn in theory about what Global Warming and Climate Change means for smaller Island Nations.

You will go on trips around the island to see the devastation from the Hurricanes and flooding and will take part in different actions like planting trees etc. You will be introduced to the community living and responsibilities, day structure, common meeting, kitchen duty etc. and you will be welcomed!

Then follows a project period at the school whereafter you have 2 months project period in the community followed by 2 months evaluation and smaller projects according to the needs and choice you make on your team.