10 Things You Will Learn on a Marine Conservation Project

10 Things You Will Learn on a Marine Conservation Project

Joining a marine conservation program is an incredible experience to make a difference and also enhance your learning. Here are some of the top things you will learn when on a marine conservation trip...


1. Oceans Are HUGE & Keep Us Alive

Oceans cover around 75% of the Earth's surface and holds over 1.3 billion cubic km of water. There is also so much we don't know about the ocean as less than 10% of the worlds oceans have been explored, there is so much more to learn. We really have only just began to understand the oceans and there is is much we are yet to learn. You will get a real appreciation for just how big oceans are when you join a marine based program. Taking a boat out into the ocean and not seeing land for miles around will leave you awestruck! Oceans also produce a staggering 50%+ of the world’s oxygen - they literally help to maintain the air we breath! This is due to underwater algae, plants and phytoplankton producing a staggering estimated 50% to 75% of the world’s oxygen. 


2. So Many Destinations You Can Help

Anyone can join these types of programs no matter even if you have no previous experience, so whether you just fancy a holiday with a difference or are planning a gap year, you can find short and long term experiences worldwide. You could apply to help in places like Tanzania, Maldives, Thailand, Australia, Greece, Mexico & so many other places. Search opportunities by destination:


3. Plastic is a Real Problem

Human reliance on plastic is causing big problems in the worlds oceans. Plastic when in the ocean can float for thousands of miles bue to the buoyancy and can get eaten by marine creatures mistaking it for food. Plastic is a bad pollutant and having a negative effect on marine ecosystems and willdife.


4. Animals are Facing so Many Issues

So many species of marine animals are being added to endangered lists every year due to habitat loss, pollution, poaching and climate change. You can apply to volunteer with animals like turtles, whales, sharks and dolphins where you will get to help and learn more about these incredible creatures. 


5. Scuba Diving

One of the most exciting parts of some marine based opportunities is the fact you can go scuba diving! Whether you are a complete beginner or already know the basics you might get to do a PADI course, internship or join expeditions to monitor coral and wildlife species underwater.


6. Humans are A Real Problem

Things people use on a day to day basis usually ends up in the ocean leading to pollution of waters and marine creatures. For example shampoos, microbeads and general waste which is dumped into the ocean and these things can have an awful effect on the oceans. This in turn is also bad for humans because we end up eating polluted fish and other marine animals. A recent study found fish in the great lakes in the United States have high doses of anti depressant medication like Prozac due to the huge reliance on anti depressants in the North America. There is the added problem of huge air pollution in countries like China and India because when the rain evaporates into the atmosphere it makes its way into the ocean.


7. So Many Inspirational People in the World

There are so many incredible people and organisations in the world working to help the environment, animals and the planet. If you apply to volunteer abroad you are likely to encounter some amazing people who are passionate about the environment and wildlife conservation.


8. You Can Make a Difference

Marine Conservation Volunteer Things You Will Learn

By applying to join a marine conservation volunteer program you will be able to play a small role in helping, tasks can include research, monitoring, ocean/beach clean ups and rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife. Once you have been on a marine trip you will have picked up so much new information and knowledge. You will hopefully want to inform others about the problems oceans are facing and encourage yours friends and family to participate on a similar experience. You can also inform others how to live more eco friendly and sustainable, for example with recycling and reducing plastic use.


9. Climate Change is Scary

Marine ecosystems are very fragile, just the slightest change in temperature or conditions can have a huge effect on the ocean. With rising earth temperatures and the melting ice caps the oceans and marine life are facing increasing dangers.


10. The World is a Beautiful Place

Just being out in the great outdoors away from civilisation will make you really appreciate just how beautiful the planet it. This will really come to reality if you get to see some marine animals like whale sharks.


If you would be part of the solution and play a small part in helping view our marine conservation volunteer projects.


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