We offer over 160 trips that you can choose from. So whether you want to do volunteer work abroad, get some overseas work experience, try your hand at teaching abroad or simply travel round the world to satisfy your wanderlust, we’ve got the perfect adventure travel option for you!

Real Gap Experience is your ticket to life-changing travel. To us, travel is about more than just a picture postcard or bragging rights. It’s about challenging yourself, broadening your horizons, learning something new and seeing the world in a new light.

It’s the experience of doing something different, whether you’ve got a week, a year or a lifetime. We open your eyes a little wider, show you things you never expected, and help you fall in love with places you may never have dreamed you’d ever visit.

Your ideal Real Gap Experience trip could be an intercontinental adventure, a road trip, overseas work experience, or maybe it’s volunteering. Your life could be changed by the beaming smile of a child or the best friend you just met on a trek in Nepal. Whatever you embark on, you’ll see the world your way with Real Gap Experience. And it’ll change you – for good.