Volunteer with Chimpanzees

We promote a wide range of chimpanzee volunteer projects and programs in locations all over the world and you can apply to help through volunteering. A lot of chimps have been abandonded, orphaned and neglected and there are international wildlife charities and local NGO's working to help - these organisations recruit inreally need help from volunteers. As a volunteer you will be able to work in teams helping conservation efforts and really making a difference.


Volunteering Programs with Chimps

Guide to Working with Chimps

In places like Africa a lot of chimps are killed by poachers every year for their meat which is sold in markets or exported abroad. On our website we list lots of charities, NGO's and large sending agencies who offer volunteering programs with chimpanzees, the objective is to help directly help chimpanzees and also raise awareness of conservation efforts. You will meet volunteers from all over the world whilst you will be able to experience living in a new culture and meet new friends.




You can volunteer and work with chimps on Africa volunteer projects at wildlife sanctuarys working with local staff and other international volunteers. These chimp volunteer projects are an amazing experience but they can be quite heartbreaking when you see the lives some of these gentle creatures have endured. 




You might be preparing food for the chimps or feeding them - this is amazing to see the effect you will have by helping them return to a normal state. Once the chimps are back to full fitness and health you might be part of teams who will release them back into the wild. You could work in exotic places and be part of programs working in communities and the wild dedicated to wildlife conservation. You will be able to make a real contribution to monkey conservation projects and hopefully help with volunteer and conservation efforts long after these placements have finished. 



Recommended Organisations

One organisation - Ape Action Africa work to rescue and help wild chimpanzees in Cameroon. They rescue baby chimps and older animals helping them to get back to full health and hopefully be able to be released back into the wild. You will be able to help by educating local populations about poaching and chimp welfare, this is very important to the long term goals of eradicating problems like hunting. Please note these chimp projects might be in rural areas so don't expext high living standards, sometime you might even be on a homestay program living with locals.



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