On this project, you'll trvael to the mountain forest of Northern Thailand and spend time elephants that have been releived from working in the tourism industry. Leaving behind their lives in the tourism industry, these gentle giants now live more natural lives as a semi wild herd in the Chiang Mai Province – an area famous for its traditional elephant keeping communities.

You'll have the opportunity to learn about elephant behaviour and contribute directly to the elephants wellbeing by providing working alternatives for their owners, mahouts and ocals, allowing the elephants to live forest. You'll be able to observe elephants alongside mahouts who draw on genereations of knowlege about elephants. 


  • Learn about elephant history, behaviour, training, biology, social interactions and more.
  • Have the incredible opportunity to observe the elephants in their natural habitat;
  • Learn about elephants from the local Karen community, who have worked alongside elephants for centuries;
  • See the elephants in a more natural setting, interacting with the forest, the mahouts and each other as a semi wild herd.