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We like to think that we are a young (at heart, at least), dynamic, open-minded, international, inter-denominational missions team. 

We have people of all ages, from 18 to their late 50’s… We currently have people with us from Romania, England, Ireland, Sweden, and the U.S.A. and over the years have had people from many different denominational backgrounds including Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Presbyterian, Anglican, Lutheran, Free Methodist and Greek Orthodox.

Our missions team is supported by both full time and part time Romanian staff as well as short and medium term volunteers from around the world. If you would be interested in joining us or getting involved as a short or medium term volunteer or as part of a team,  then please check out the getting involved pages and if you are interested in longer-term or the missions training program, then please check out the missions training pages


Short term volunteering

We are looking for people and teams for short term volunteering.

Many people who have joined us over the years have come with the idea that they are going to change the lives of the poor. It is important for you to come with the right mind set since this will help you to fully enjoy your time with us and will avoid you being disappointed.

In a short mission trip, it will not be possible for you to change the lives of the people that you are visiting. It will, however, be possible for you to support our full-time team and for you to help them to effect change in the lives of and for the benefit of the poor. We ask that you see your role as serving our long term team. This might take many forms from cleaning, to dealing with routine administrative tasks or manual labour, to playing with children. Whatever form the service takes, it is the heart to serve that we are trying to encourage.

What will it be like?

In the summer months Romania is a hot country. In the winter it can be incredibly cold. The kind of work in which you will be involved may take you out of doors, and into areas that are dirty and muddy and you should bring appropriate clothing. Please note that local churches tend to be very conservative and we operate a modest dress code on all of our sites. If you have any questions regarding this then please get in touch with us before you leave

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