Why I Love Volunteering in Romania

Why I Love Volunteering in Romania

Iulia has been volunteering on community based programs in Romania for the past 4 years. Here she shares her experience and why you should get involved and do something similar.


My Experience

I have been volunteerng for almost four years with Communal Library Gura-Ocnițeiand at the Europe Direct Center in Târgoviște, Romania.

I collaborate with many state institutions like kindergartens, schools, high schools and universities working directly with all ages: children, teenagers, adults and seniors. The volunteer organisations I help develop programmes of public interest through which we are making aware different problems in society, with the aim of solving them. We also involve people in cultural and social activities, which is a necessity in the context of personal and society development. 

The aims of working with children and teenagers is because we believe that it is important to offer them a solid foundation based on education, spirit, great life experiences and dedication in social life. 


Making a Difference

Why I recommend volunteering in Romania

With the purpose of making the world a better place, we think that it is needed to help the next generations to form themselves, understand the world around them and become directly part of the change. 

In this regard, we are collaborating with children and teenagers of all ages, offering them new perspectives about education, culture, dedication, personal and professional success. We are doing this through different non-formal education programmes and through activities of public interest, with different themes like family, education, today world, human rights, environment protection and so on.

As a volunteer, I have noticed that children are enjoying this kind of non-formal interactions, so they can be themselves and they can discover and learn in a creative and facile way. Children become interested and they develop relationships with all volunteers, understanding that even learning can be fun. Most often, they choose to get involved themselves and, at the right moment, to become volunteers and help the others as they have been helped. 


Benefits of Volunteering in Romania

Being a volunteer in Romania is amazing and it makes you to see the world different, to want to be better and to do better, to be there for those who are not capable of taking action or speaking for themselves, to help and offer support and also be the change that many people want but do not work for it.

It is a gift to work with children and see them growing and becoming incredible people because of you, because you decided to get involved and help them find their way to develop themselves. Being a volunteer is not always about doing big changes in the world, it is about the small things that can be a lot for someone who is asking for a light in the dark. 

“Be nice to people...maybe it'll be unappreciated, unreciprocated, or ignored, but spread the love anyway. We rise by lifting others.”

By Iulia Ioanna


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