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Naale is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Jewish teens to achieve academic excellence as well as personal and interpersonal skills that will support them throughout their life. 

Founded in a joint effort with the Jewish Agency, Naale was established in 1992 with a goal of providing Jewish high school students worldwide the opportunity to live and study in Israel for high school. And the best part is that the entire program is free!

Yes, you read that right – the Naale program is fully subsidized including a full scholarship for tuition, free airfare to and from Israel, room and board, health insurance, trips and more.

Since its inception more than 16,000 high school students have come to study on the Naale program, with 85% graduating with a full matriculation, an internationally recognized high school diploma.

Students start the program in either ninth or tenth grade. During the first year students follow an intensive Hebrew “ulpan” program so that by the end of their first year they are able to speak, read and write in Hebrew. Once they have a grasp of the language students are able to study in classes given in Hebrew.

In addition to the outstanding academic level of the core subjects, each school in the Naale network offers exciting electives, extracurricular activities, school trips and educational outings. Living and learning on campus encourages students to integrate with both their Israeli and international students, broadening their world view to understand multiple cultures and languages.

The strong support network of dedicated staff, host families and close-knit friendships among the students make Naale a home away from home. Whatever it is your child needs, we are here to help support their academic and emotional growth.

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