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Company : Interrail
Activities: Rail Passes & Tours / Interrail
Duration: < 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: < 25 to 1000 € Euro

Interrail is your key to exploring Europe. Hop on and off many of Europe’s trains by simply showing your Interrail pass.

With an Interrail pass you have the freedom to go wherever you want. Step on board the train and discover Europe's secrets, from the French Alps to the German forests and from Norwegian fjords to the Spanish costas!

Sit back, chill and enjoy the spectacular views as you move from one cool destination to the next on board Europe’s trains. Go in search of sandy beaches, top nightlife and new friends from around the world.

You can choose from two passes which include:


One Country Pass

The Interrail One Country Pass is your best choice if you want to travel within just one European country by train. This pass gives you freedom to explore every corner of your chosen country by train. Choose from 28 Interrail One Country Passes.

  • Price: Starting from €42


Global Pass (30 countries)

The Interrail Global Pass is the fun and budget way to explore Europe's best bits. 30 countries await you - take your pick along the way. 170,000+ travellers choose the Global Pass every year.

  • Price: Starting from €163


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