Best Places to Visit when Interrailing Europe

Best Places to Visit when Interrailing Europe

During summer lots of people travel thorough Europe by train. You can buy something called an Interrail Pass, this flexible ticket gives you the chance to travel between European countries by train at the times you want. There are lots of different passes for every need and before departing you can choose the one which is right for you and start planning your route. It makes traveling around Europe easy, cheap and fun! And yes, it is completely worth it! Here are 5 essential places you should visit when Interrailing Europe...

Here are 5 stops you HAVE TO do if you go interrailing through Europe:


1. Ljubjana

Not many flights stop in the capital of Slovenia, but it’s easy to go there by train. Ljubjana has charm and is a beautiful place to see. Recommended things to do including stopping to have lunch near the Ljubljanica river or going for a bike ride in the Tivoli Park. It’s a very authentic destination.


2. Lake Bled

One hour by train from Ljubjana is Lake Bled. It’s a fantastic lake where you can swim, walk and arrive by boat to the island(yes, and island) that it’s inside the lake. The views are breathtaking and for the most adventurous ones you can find lots of roads to walk and walk (and very special caves too!).


3. Prague

Everybody who vists Prague says it is beautiful no matter if it is summer, winter, spring or autumn. But just to be sure, it’s better to find out for yourself.


4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a large city with canals, different from anywhere else, although still in Europe. The history of the city is amazing, there is also art, cafes, shops and much more. My top tip is to sleep in a boat hotel on the river and then have breakfast watching the sun coming up.


5. Bergamo

A few kilometers from Milan there is a Bergamo - a fantastic old city from the medieval age. Here you can spend a morning visiting the different churches and cathedrals that are placed there from years ago and you can eat fantastic (and REAL) Italian cuisine. From a Capuccino and sweets (that are amazing) from Pizzetas and delicious pastas with all kind of sauces. You will feel you are in the medieval age.


By Laia Brisa


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