5 Useful Tips for InterRailing around Europe

5 Useful Tips for InterRailing around Europe

Stuck for a trip that allows you to see numerous places? Always wanted to explore Europe? Whether you have a few weeks or a few months spare, InterRailing might be the option for you. This is the perfect way to travel t your own pace and explore new towns, cities and countries. If you are currently thinking about booking this experience or already planning an interrail adventure, below Emma Hagar shares her tops tips which should help you plan an amazing experience.


1. Organisation is Key

My main tip for interrailing Europe would be to do your research in advance of your trip. Sit and take some time to devise a sensible route and how many nights you are going to stop in each place; corresponding with how long your inter-rail pass is valid for. Reserve some time to look at hotels in the areas you want to stop along with booking the right times that suit you on the trains; I highly recommend reserving your seats on trains.


2. Remember the Essentials

When traveling remember to always carry your passport, inter-railing pass and any train reservations that are required along with the right currency. It may be helpful to divide the responsibilities between a group of people and each person is responsible for a certain document, instead of one person feeling the pressure.


3. Take a Camera

For many this is a once in a life time trip. Even if you feel obnoxious take as many photos as you possibly can. Don’t worry about looking like a tourist. This is a trip you will want to remember.


4. Pack less than you think

Looking back this is a mistake I made. Don’t worry about packing many different outfits, simply just pack what makes you comfortable; that backpack can get extremely heavy to carry around and there can be a lot of walking!


5. What's to see in each destination

You may end up with only one or two nights in each place therefore it’s best to know before hand what each place can offer. Instead of pondering what to do in each place research before you go and save valuable time.


By Emma Hagar


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