If you are accepted on the program, we will give you all the administrative support you need as well as preparation for the exams. This includes an intensive Spanish course, entrance exam preparation, a student visa, and ongoing advice and assessment.

Instituto Hemingway is a highly competitive Spanish language academy offering a wide variety of classes to students of all levels. We are partnered with one of the most exclusive preparatory academies in Bilbao and, together, we will ensure you get the highest possible score on the Spanish university entrance exams. 

On acceptance having successfully completing the interview process, we can provide you with three basic study options designed to fit your specific needs and maximize your performance in the entry exams:

  • The Classic Program: This will take you all the way through the process. You will begin with a 6 month intensive Spanish program with Instituto Hemingway. Having reached the requisite B1 level you then begin an 8 month course with our partner school on the specific exams you need to pass to gain entrance to a Spanish university.