In Bilbao, as a city where the vast majority of people are locals, you can also find a state of immersion outside of the school. Bilbao is the ideal place to learn quickly, with the accent being one of the most accessible in Spain. You will be given the tools to progress at your pace. Overall, it is the best way to learn Spanish quickly.


Individual Lessons

It’s all about YOU! Our individual lessons are by far the best way to rapidly improve your standard of Spanish.

  • The lessons will go at YOUR pace, covering the topics or areas of Spanish of which YOU are unsure.
  • Our individual lessons are as intensive as you can get but still are designed to work to your needs and will never rush ahead without you.
  • The teacher will quickly discover your weaknesses and set to work straight away to overcome these.
  • You will build on current skills and develop new ones.
  • Lessons can focus as much as you want on the following key areas: listening and speaking, reading, writing and grammar.
  • Lessons are stimulating and varied and teachers often make use of material such as cds, tapes and video when necessary within the lessons.



All the material is included in the price.



Our one-to-one lessons are conducted at the school.  This allows you to take advantage of the studious and friendly atmosphere as well as make full use of the extra services on offer including free internet access.



This is the best it… YOU choose.  From 9 in the morning until 9 at night, whenever you want we are available Monday to Friday


Combination Packages

You can choose to just take individual lessons OR combine our main Spanish language course with some individual lessons on the side.

Many students opt for a combination of both.  This is popular because it allows students to really progress quickly through the tailor-made individual lessons as well as having lessons in the group environment where they can learn from others and have group interaction.

A good balancing out of the intensiveness of the one-to-one lessons can also come in the form of a combination of individual lessons and cultural activities such as cookery classes, salsa lessons or a surfing package.  This is a great way to become fully immersed into the Spanish way of life!  

We offer many more options including a wine tasting course or horse riding lessons and can provide you more information about these options separately.   Please feel free to enquire about activities that you would like to do that we do not currently have on offer.


Free Activities

Those who take individual lessons at the school also get to join in with the optional FREE afternoon activities. Meet new people, learn about the region/country’s culture and history, see some great architecture and visit amazing places!

Typical activities include:

  • Visits to the Basque Museum or the Fine Arts Museum
  • Trips to Guernika, San Sebastián or other nearby towns
  • Going to the cinema to watch a Spanish film
  • Traveling up a mountain in funicular to get some incredible views of Bilbao
  • A wine and tapas evening.

Through this fast-track Spanish course you will be given an entirely personal experience tailored exactly to your level. You will be given the tools to progress at your pace. Overall, it is the best way to learn Spanish quickly.