Firstly, your local guide will take you to an interactive cooking lesson (pintxos cooking class) expert chef instruction, aperitif, 100% hands-on class followed by carefully wine pairings.

Followed by a visit to a traditional deli where we will try the Crown jewel of our gastronomy, the Iberian ham. Unforgettable experience, a must do if you are in Bilbao.

Your personal guide will lead you then to a gourmet market which has been running for almost a century to try two outstanding pintxos and a bottle of local cider.

Your tour will include two sit-down restaurant stops where you will have the chance to eat mouthwatering dishes and enjoy the illustrious drink that locals have as appetizer.

What is included?

3 hours guided food tour of the Historical centre

6 stops

A passionate and experienced local guide who speaks English and Spanish

Great insight about Spanish food and Bilbao's culture

Stories about Bilbao culture and history

Secret street facts

Small intimate groups

A full belly of wonderful flavours and foods

Cooking class

This tour is adaptable for Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Gluten free, Dairy free, pregnant women.