On the Pintxos Trail

On the Pintxos Trail

San Sebastian, located in the north of Spain's Basque Country is somewhat an overlooked destination, which means it quite a hidden little gem! Getting to San Sebastian is fairly straight forward. With airport hubs such as Bilbao and Biarritz within the vicinity, flights to and from the UK make it a perfect weekend destination. 


Where to Begin

Famous for its cuisine and home to three of Spain's Michelin star restaurants, it also has a renowned Pintxos culture. You won't leave hungry, but where to begin, I'm sure that's the question on most visitors minds once arriving in its Old Town! Take a wander through its narrow streets, laden with bar upon bar of eating establishments, you'll be spoilt for choice as you see counter tops full of the most appetising food. Small bites they may be but don't underestimate the quality of the produce. 



Eat Like a Local

To experience San Sebastian like a true local you need to eat like a local, don't stop and eat a plentiful amount in one place but move around and have one or two pieces of pintxos, along with a small glass of local wine - Txakoli, watching the bar tenders pour it from a height is an art form in itself. The choice of food is endless, from hot or cold pintxos such as ham and cheese croquettes, tortilla or the almighty steak accompanied with padron peppers and tomatoes at Bar Nestor, San Sebastian is a food lovers heaven! After you've lined your stomachs with savoury delights, you'll want to take a stop at La Vina. Their baked cheesecake is in institution in itself and swarms of people flock to this friendly bar especially to sample it.



Amazing Views

After a day of eating, a great way to walk the food off is by taking a meander up to Monte Urgull, once arriving at the top you will be welcomed with magnificent views of the sea and can get a real sense of San Sebastian's history from what remains of La Mota Castle.


Relaxation at the Beach

If you're seeking the feel of sand between your toes, you won't be disappointed with La Concha Beach. One of the most famous beaches in Europe, well known for it's water sports is an urban oasis in Spain's Basque Country.


By Ashleigh Johnson



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