5 Things You Must Do When Working in Italy

5 Things You Must Do When Working in Italy

Whether you’re working a full time job in an office or a part time job in the local bar, you will always have time to socialise and make the most of the beauty that is Italy. As the saying goes, ‘when in Rome’…. 


1. Go for an aperitivo with work colleagues

Any and every good Italian bar or restaurant will offer aperitivo. ‘What’s this?’ I hear you ask, well, it’s basically the Italian’s version of a buffet but packed full of mini pizzas, pastries, and sandwiches with a wide selection of meat all washed down with a prosecco or aperol spritz. This is the perfect way to end the working day. 


2. Have a go at cooking Italian food

One thing Italian’s take pride in is their cuisine and so if you’re working in Italy (and are therefore are an Italian citizen (whether it’s for 4 months or 4 years!)) you should definitely have a go at discovering the Italian chef inside of you. What is there not to love about Italian food? Snapping pics of your cooking triumphs and fails of lasagna, arancini, pizza, bombolone and many more would definitely make all of your friends back home jealous. 


3. Go on a Tuscan wine tour! 

Whilst working abroad in Italy you have such a great opportunity to go and travel in your free time, so why not book a group tour in Italy. I highly recommend taking a wine tour in Tuscany. Not only would you see breath-taking views along the way but you would also have the opportunity to taste some of the best wines that Italy offers… 


4. Visit the cities with the best food 

So we’ve spoken about where to go and find the best wine, but finding the best food is a bit trickier… Each region in Italy takes pleasure in having its very own dish and so to make the most of each region’s speciality, you’ll have to go in search for it! For example, the region of Emiglia-Romagna is well known for being the ‘main course’ of Italy and offers a various array of food from mortadella to tigelle and gnocco fritto. Whilst Emiliglia-Romagna takes the spotlight for meats, Sicily takes first place for its sweet tooth with its cannoli and breakfast brioche accompanied with ice cream… Essentially, wherever you go in Italy will have its own traditional course; go in search for the true local produce and not just pizza. 


5. Live the ‘dolce vita’ 

Italian’s live a very relaxed lifestyle and so when working in Italy you must definitely embrace this existence with open arms, as it will save you a lot of stress. Missed your bus to work? Don’t worry; your boss will just be happy you’ve turned up in one piece! Didn’t queue for the bus? Forget about it; nobody queues for anything in Italy. You just have to accept that Italian’s probably don’t care about half of the things that you are so preoccupied about and have probably drunk about 10 coffees in the time that it takes you to realise this. Stop what you’re doing and realise you’re working in Italy; love every minute of it! 


By Emily Orford


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