Gvahim’s focus is to ensure that new immigrants with high potential become active members of the Israeli society and realize their professional and social aspirations.

We created a wide network of Israeli companies, business leaders and professionals to match Olim and returning citizens with employers and professionals that on their side can take advantage of their experience and background, providing them in return with a way into the Israeli society. 



Repackaging: redesign the professional profile and behavior to enable smooth access to the Israeli work market and ensure professional realization/fulfilment of career goals and aspirations

Bridging careers: build direct bridges between the already established career path from the country of origin and its natural continuation into Israel, taking into account the environmental and cultural changes that the new immigrant will encounter

Nurturing entrepreneurship: ease the development of entrepreneurial initiatives in the new eco-system of the start-up nation

Social integration: through our programs we facilitate and ensure long-term social integration of Olim in the Israeli workplace, enabling them to intertwine their professional and personal lives with the ones of Tzabarim

Economic advancement: faster and more steadily employment in job positions that mirror the immigrants’ real value and place them in an economic position that enables them to successfully build their lives in Israel

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