Guangzhou Worlda Cultural & Educational Consulting Services CO.LTD.


Worlda International Education is hiring native English speakers yearround to come to teach in public and private schools in China. 

We are not an agency or a training center. All of our teachers are legally working in China, paid on time, never asked any fees, and working normal school hours. We assist all of our teachers with a complete cultural immersion as well as doing all their visa paperwork, registrations, teacher and cultural trainings, and more. We have foreign and Chinese management as well as working with public, private, and international schools.

Guangzhou Worlda Cultural & Educational Consulting Services CO.LTD., is one of the largest legal employer in China. We are licensed by the Chinese National Bureau of Foreign Experts (License Number:44330003) which is the teaching management authority of the Canadian Worlda International Development Center in China. Worlda mainly engages in: 

  1. A complete foreign teacher cultural immersion to China and teaching assistance. 
  2. Chinese public and private school foreign language and culture class curriculum creation. 
  3. Developed English teacher training for new or experienced teachers. 
  4. Chinese & foreign language schools creation assistance. 
  5. Chinese & foreign service team to assist in current schools. 
  6. International cultural & educational exchanges and training for students worldwide. 

Worlda has over 10 years of business experience in contracting teachers from America, Canada, England, Australia, Ireland, Japan, etc. to be trained and qualified English, math, science, music, drama, and foreign language teachers for schools (including kindergartens, primary, middle, high schools and language training centers.)

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Guangzhou Worlda Cultural & Educational Consulting Services CO.LTD. Reviews

Bad Review

This company put me on the street after, I refused to take a school in a substandard living area. Xintang the most polluted area of Guangzhou. they then kept me on the street for 4 months telling me it was not their responsibility to provide housing to employee's that are not working in a school. For a company that claimed to have thousands of schools, this seemed quite odd, at times they act like its hard to find teachers at other times they claimed they had enough teachers and had no need to have me work in one of their schools. At one school they had me work 55 classes a week another had a police raid, and I was dropped off at a high school and told be a teacher even though I had no previous experience. Their policies are drop you off make them money or else, all negotiations are one sided their side, using heavy methods of manipulation to get you to agree to them fucking you over, if you don't agree with them they will ignore you for long periods of time and go along with what they want anyway. Worst company ever to work for

By: Mike
Nationality: Yaqui
Age: 33

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