Green Across The Pacific (GATP)

Our mission is to improve cultural and environmental awareness and cooperation around the world. To this end, we conduct exchange and apprenticeship programs.

Green Across the World, Inc. (GATW) was established as a corporation in 2000, and received Federal 501(c)(3) not for profit status in May 2001.

Peter Lynch, GATW's Founder & Executive Director, has developed partners and associations that place the organization in a strong position to carry out long term and sustainable exchange and curricular programs for high school students and teachers between Vermont, China, Japan, and with recent potential in Bhutan.

We believe that effective, long term cultural and environmental exchange between North America and Asia is beneficial to developing international relations aimed at promoting peace and reasonable prosperity.


Our Programs

  • Green Across the World is unique because our programs are
  • True reciprocal exchanges, with visits to China or Japan and North America.
  • Ones in which students and teachers work and learn together.
  • Ones in which cultural exchange is facilitated by focusing on a field of common interest.
  • Enhanced by a collaboration of state and private institutions, business groups and concerns in Vermont, and an equivalent collaboration in China and Japan.

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