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Grass Routes is passionate about bringing people together and sharing experiences that enrich lives. Our philosophy is founded on respect - for the environment, the culture and the community.

We provide opportunities for travellers to engage with local communities by working in partnership with the people whose lives; stories and experiences make our authentic journeys so unique. Grass Routes fosters positive and effective communication to bridge boundaries and open up possibilities.

think global, act local
Grass Routes is a company comprised of a cosy group of individuals drawing on collective global experience to act locally and bring you meaningful travel experiences. You can expect polished professional service enriched with deep local knowledge. We implement our global experience in the local communities we operate. Our innate sense of responsibility toward these same communities forms the ethical root of our activities.

one world, many cultures
Celebrate our planet’s diverse cultural heritage with Grass Routes. Meet everyday extraordinary people and immerse yourself in ancient thriving cultures. Grass Routes facilitates honest and meaningful exchange between travellers and local communities. The company is founded and run by a local Indian and an Australian who know only too well that by learning about one another’s culture and customs we develop appreciation, mutual understanding, respect, and tolerance.

less far, more deep
Grass Routes believes enriching experiences come from a deeper understanding of place, people and culture. Instead of trawling farther a field, we delve deeper! Grass Routes invests in building lasting relationships and contributing to local communities in meaningful and intelligent ways. We partner organizations working toward sustainable development and believe social communication encourages expression and empowers ideas.

our journeys
Our journeys reflect years of collective research, experience and understanding. We value the relationships we build with local communities as much as we value the friendships we form with our travellers who rely on us to connect them with extraordinary people, places and cultures. We’ve crafted our journeys to provide insiders insight to local culture and provide countless opportunities for diverse cultures to interact and share experiences.

positive impact – travel with a conscience
Travelling is a privilege and it’s vital we make a positive impact on the people and places we visit. Grass Routes provides direct and personal opportunities to make constructive contributions. Whether you join our ‘Clean up the Beach’ drive or watch traditional dancers perform; you could be improving the natural environment or revitalizing declining art forms. It’s never been so easy to make a positive difference and have the time of your life doing it!

experience – young company, old hands
Grass Routes is a small collective of individuals from broadly diverse backgrounds. We have worked, lived and travelled numerous years in Asia working for large multi-national travel companies. With this experience Grass Routes was formed out of a desire to do things differently; locally and more responsibly.

service – personal and professional
Since we are a small company Grass Routes offers a professional level of service far beyond bigger travel companies. We handle your queries personally; from your initial booking request to meeting you face to face you’ll be dealing with us directly, not office bound sales people. Not only do you benefit from receiving the most up to date information, but you’ll also gain practical advice and travellers tips from our own personal experience.

guides – leading the way
Our Local Leaders draw on lifetimes of regional knowledge and a wealth of global experience. Passionate about the people and places we encounter, often sharing close personal connections and friendships along the way. Each possesses a unique sense of humour, a healthy sense of adventure and uncanny abilities to adapt to the surprising circumstances of life on the road. In addition to our experienced Local Leaders, we meet local experts with specialized knowledge; classical dancers and musicians, weavers, painters and traditional healers all shed light on their unique skills from a personal perspective.

groups – small is beautiful
We keep our group size intimate (maximum of 12 travellers). Limiting the size of our groups is the best way to ensure meaningful interaction with local communities and each other. We can integrate comfortably with our surroundings without disturbing the natural and social environment and get to know each other comfortably.

accomodation – home sweet home
Grass Routes favours locally run accommodation. In the cities and towns you can expect comfortable places to stay with plenty of atmosphere and charm. In more remote places we camp. Grass Routes doesn’t shy away from isolated areas simply because there are no hotels. Camping is often a highlight with our travellers as we access stunning secluded surroundings and meet indigenous communities on terms they can relate to. These are experiences of a lifetime and will remain with you far longer than staying in a stock standard hotel room.

food – food for life
Surely one of the most important aspects of travelling – sampling the local food! Most of our meals are included, however we also allow flexibility to indulge your individual tastes. We do a lot of cooking ourselves, collecting fresh produce from local markets and cooking on sight. It’s a great way to meet the people behind the produce and a chance to expand your culinary skills!

transport – local motion
Our preferred mode of travel is on foot. Walking is the best pace and vantage point from which to experience the people, their traditions and the natural environment. We allocate plenty of time to explore on foot, soaking up our experience at ground level. We also enjoy the quintessential Indian rail experience, not the mention cycling on country roads, cruising on boats and bumping along in a bullock carts!

activities - fit & able
Grass Routes journeys are more physically demanding than your conventional tour package. We venture to remote areas and craft opportunities for active participation and involvement. This can be as challenging as it is rewarding!

our prices – fair & quality
Grass Routes charge reasonable prices for extraordinary journeys. Considering the years of research and footwork involved in energizing and co-ordinating our experiences we think our prices are extremely fair. We also think it’s fair we give something to the communities that contribute to make our authentic journeys so unique. 10% of Grass Routes profits are put toward sustainable development solutions. Not only do you get a great value trip, you are investing in a better future for the people and places you’ll meet along the way.

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