Our sanctuary has just rescued 4 elephants from the tourism industry and we have now brought them home to live out their lives in the forest, in semi-wild conditions. We need volunteers to help us keep these elephants happy and healthy in their natural habitat.

Volunteers will carry out health checks, perform research on their natural behaviors and on the surrounding forest, as well as take part in community projects such as teaching English at the school and to other locals, cutting grass for the elephants during dry season, helping out in the fields planting and harvesting crops and educating both the locals and tourists on the captive elephant situation in Thailand to help combat illegal trade. Volunteers will also be expected to help us take care of any visitors and educate them on the real elephant situation in Thailand.

Days begin with early morning hikes through the forest to find the elephants, staying with them while observing and taking data on their natural behaviors until lunch. Some days lunch is eaten with the elephants in the forest, a very unique experience! Upon returning to the village, our community projects are carried out.



1 week to 3 months


Example 1 Week Itinerary

You will arrive in Chiang Mai and meet one of our staff (address provided before arrival) at 6pm. Your accommodation will be provided and you will be given a short presentation on our project at the meeting.

You will leave Chiang Mai at 9am to begin the journey to the village, stopping off for lunch on the way. After arrival, you will be introduced to your homestay, taken on a village tour and given introductory talks.

Here you will be working on the project, breakfast is served at 7:30am, hikes to the elephants begin at 8am and distance will vary depending on were the elephants choose to roam. The morning will be spent watching our elephants and carrying out some much needed research on their natural behaviour. Afternoons will be spent teaching English, completing project work or immursing yourself in hill-tribe culture.

Spend the morning hiking to the elephants and in the afternoon you will return to Chiang Mai

For volunteers wishing to stay longer than 1 week, weekends will be free to explore the surrounding area, relax in the village or take a trip to Chiang Mai.



  • 1 week - 4 weeks: 15,000bht per week (approx. $440/£326/570AUD). 
  • 5 weeks - 8 weeks: an added 10,000bht per week (approx. $292/£220/380AUD)
  • 9 weeks - 12 weeks: an added 5,000bht per week (approx. $150/£110/192AUD)

FOR EXAMPLE: the cost of 9 weeks stay would be 15,000x4 + 10,000x4 + 5,000 = 105,000bht


What is Included

This price inculdes all transport, accomodation and food in the village as well as 1 night accomodation in Chiang Mai on arrival. Schedule is below:


Not included in this price

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa costs