We offer Spanish and Chilean Culture Programs with Volunteer and Internship options open to all ages. 

GoAbroad-CHILE forms part of the MARGA MARGA UNDERTAKES Project, a joint endeavor developed in conjunction with public and private institutions with the aim of increasing inter/national visibility to Marga Marga County, Valparaiso region of Chile.

We organize a wide and diversified range of experiential learning opportunities to develop and grow in the Marga Marga county. Participants will have various options such as K-12 schools, non profit and governmental organizations, to mention some. In case international participants need to improve their Spanish language skills, they can also participate in our Intensive Spanish and Chilean Culture Programs.



Our High School Programs (Short Term, Semester, Year Programs) are intended for High School students from all over the world interested in making an impact in Marga Marga County. Upon arriving in Chile students will participate in a series of workshops focusing on culture, language, academics, social norms, and current events, all designed to prepare them for their  experience in Chile. More Information here.

International participants interested in attending a Semester or Year Abroad at UAC will have the opportunity to study alongside Chilean students and professionals at Universidad de Aconcagua. The university provides an opportunity to promote personal and social opportunities for students and adult learners at local, regional, and national levels. The university offers professional programs in the areas of Health, Engineering, and Social Sciences.

The teachers of our Center for Foreign Languages all have degrees in languages and are dedicated to providing outstanding language instruction to each and every one of our students. We are 100% committed to helping students reach their goals in learning Spanish and having an unforgettable experience at Marga Marga County, Valparaiso Region.

This program gives you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Chile and learn about our culture through direct contact with our people. In return, you teach them about your country and culture. The accommodation is with families, or single persons. The length of this program is one to four weeks, and meals are included. Generally speaking the Homestay Abroad Program is offered as a cultural experience, where the participant lives in a family setting in the community.

A faculty-led, tailor-made study abroad program increases students’ cultural understanding by taking the classroom into a life changing experience. Students can experience in a dynamic and fun environment where they will learn first hand real-life situations along with their faculty by their side. Programs include educational trips, cultural events, experiential learning, cultural exchange, community outreach, volunteer activities and can include add-ons such as Spanish classes.

We operate with a 24/7 staff that provides aid to manage logistic of the programs, major emergencies as well as minor incidents that may occur while students are in here. In that way, we allow the faculty leader to focus on academic matters in order to fulfill the objectives of the program. 

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