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Global Environment Centre is an internationally recognized Malaysian non profit organisation working throughout Asia Pacific Region and globally

... in partnership with government and non-government groups on environment, natural resource management and community issues. Join our dynamic team and make a real difference to the world that we live in!

Be a Volunteer

Making a difference. That’s what being a volunteer at GEC is all about. Whether you’re helping train someone, trying to raise funds, or simply helping to write a thank you letter, you can be sure that you ARE making a difference for the environment.
Concern over the environment is growing in Malaysia and so is GEC - we are now establishing a Volunteer Programme. Through this programme we hope to provide opportunities for you, young adults, to be more actively involved in environmental conservation which could also assist in developing your other skills.

The Programme
The GEC Volunteer Programme is unlike any other. Here, we will provide opportunities to nurture your skills and develop yourselves; while helping the organisation achieve its mission.

The Programme is a platform for young adults who are genuinely concerned for the environment, who have some skills and who are willing to contribute their time and effort for environmental conservation.

Short-term Objectives

To engage in work that is beneficial to the environment and the community

Long-term Objectives

To engage people of all ages in environmental conservation
To be a leading volunteer group in educating the public about the environment

Benefits of being a Volunteer with GEC

Being a volunteer will give you the opportunity to develop and enhance your skills, and provide you a better understanding of the world.

Some of the opportunities you will gain from being a volunteer with GEC:

* Inside knowledge about current environmental issues in Malaysia
* Hands-on training/ experience in various fields
* Leadership skills
* The opportunity to meet new people
* The opportunity to make new friends
* The chance to networking with people in the environment field
* Widen your perspectives
* Develop new skills

Areas of Work and Brief Description


* Capture the moments at GEC events and workshops for our collection
* Contribute unique photos on environmental issues on a regular basis

Writing and Media Relations

* Write pre-event and post-event press releases
* Pitch feature stories to the daily newspapers or magazines
* Pitch publicity ideas to TV and radio stations


* Assist in GEC training events, workshops and other events

Event Management

* Assist in the planning, preparation and implementation of events and workshops

Advertising & Design

* Conceptualise ideas and create designs for educational materials, exhibition materials and other needs

IT & Website Development and Maintenance

* Assist in website development and maintenance for all GEC websites
* Assist in internal office computer maintenance

Administration and organization

* Assist GEC staff in administrative matters and office organization
* Take charge of managing GEC’s database

Individual/Group Research and Projects

* Undertake your very own research activities or surveys to gain valuable baseline information or public opinion about an environmental issue

Group Fund Raising and Campaign Activities

* Work with as a group of volunteers to develop a campaign to raise funds for GEC’s River Care Fund
* Work with other volunteers to develop campaigns to raise awareness about environmental issues

Who we’re looking for

A GEC Volunteer should:

* Have a strong desire to contribute back to the environment and to society
* Be willing to learn and contribute innovative ideas for GEC’s projects and campaigns
* Take the extra step and initiative in the things they do
* Be enthusiastic and motivated to work hard
* Have a fun, friendly and honest character

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